La Palina El Diario Kill Bill CigarsLa Palina El Diario cigars are truly one of a kind. They are a masterful blend of rich tobaccos that offer flavors of sweetness and spice. These are not just enjoyed by aficionados world-wide, but they are also award winning smokes. Many of these sticks are earning accolades that manufacturers work hard their whole career trying to achieve. The resurrection of this brand has not been an easy feat, but the La Palina El Diario cigars are a crowning achievement to this brand and the family behind it.

The brand has been around since its inception in 1896. It was produced by the Congress Cigar Company in Chicago, started by Sam Paley. Unfortunately, when he retired in 1926, so did the brand and the company. It was not until generations later that William (Bill) S. Paley decided to carry on this family heritage and revive the brand. It has been award winning and successful ever since.

They are offered in a variety of sizes: Churchill 7 x 50, Torpedo 6.125 x 52, Gordo 6 x 58, Toro 6 x 50, Robusto 5 x 52, and KB (Kill Bill) 4.25 x 40. All of them are wrapped in the same Honduran Corojo ’99 Rosado wrapper and are filled with Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 tobaccos. They have a Honduran Criollo ’98 double binder to add even more class. The La Palina El Diario cigars are hand made in Honduras at the Raices Cubanas factory.

Before getting to the flavor and experience of this stick, it is worth noting the accolades that they have received. For the La Palina El Diario cigars, four sizes have been raved over the most. Cigar Journal gave the Robusto a 94 in the autumn of 2011, also listing it in the top twenty-five of the year in 2011. They also rated the Gordo with a 92. Smoke Magazine rated the Churchill a 90 in 2011. Cigar Snob Magazine gave the Toro a 92 in January/February 2012. All of the awards make it easy to see why any one of them should be in someone’s humidor.

Now on to the flavor and the experience one can expect. The appearance of these sticks is flawless. There are very minimal veins, even coloring throughout the wrapper, and a very solid feeling in the hand. Some reviewers stated that they actually feel heavy, confirming the solid packing of these sticks. A pre-light sniff was said by one reviewer to give off the scent of Spanish cedar from its casing. The draw was noted to be fairly easy, even though they are well packed. Reviewers noted that the flavors were complex, ranging from spice, pepper, chocolate, almond, and plum notes. None of the flavors were too bold for a novice to enjoy this stick. There is some ebb and flow to the flavors throughout the smoke, as noted by the reviews, but none over power the other flavors in the profile. They actually blended really well together from start to finish. The burn line remained mostly straight with only a touch up or two needed, if any at all. The ash was said to be grey in color, and held firmly during the entire smoke.

Almost every reviewer agreed that this is the perfect smoke for any beginner, as well as the seasoned aficionado. The La Palina El Diario cigars, also called “The Daily”, are a great every day smoke and perfect for one’s personal humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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