The La Palina Collection Mr. Sam cigar is a must buy whenever seen.From the La Palina Collection, the Mr. Sam cigar is a fresh brand that hit the smoking world by storm in May of 2013. The stogie gets its name from the founder of the La Palina collection, Samuel Paley. The Mr. Sam cigar is stuffed with a variety of different blends; a Nicaraguan tobacco complementing a Honduran mix. The wrapper is drenched with aromas of red pepper, spice, and cedar, and is slightly oily to the touch. The overall appearance shows great contrast between the dark chocolate look of the wrapper and the milky lightness of the label. Only about eight thousand of these stogies have been made, leaving this four and three quarter inch cigar a privilege to own and smoke by any enthusiast.


La Palina Collection Mr. Sam cigar reviews have given this premium stogie high ratings for being such a new variety of smoke. The most noted is Cigar Insider which gives this bright young star its first appearance in its magazine. The popular magazine talks about the location, fillers, wrappers, and appearance of this newest selection from this brand.


Reviewers acclaimed that the La Palina Collection Mr. Sam cigar was a hit right from the first puff. Different from the other varieties in the La Palina series, this specific brand has a bit more strength and zing to it. The medium to full level flavor kicks in right away with a sugar cane taste that leads right into a hint of caramel. The ash is firm, and creates a wonderful charcoal color. After about the first half of the smoke the essence starts to change into a more outdoorsy blend of aromas. Pepper, wood, and earthy flavors fill the senses leaving a relaxing feeling. As the stogie comes to a close reviewers noted how even the entire stick was and how well it burned.


Other smokers said that the La Palina Collection Mr. Sam cigar captured more of a Nicaraguan quality compared to previous brands coming out of this same collection. The smoke is completely different from the Goldie variety that was released by this same company. The unique flavors of all the brands made by this establishment really provide an excellent range of choices for any smoker. No two stogies are alike, and that is what keeps this company in business. Smokers want variety and consistency. That is what La Palina does. This is why so many reviewers stick with their products, and try new ones that come out like the Mr. Sam.


Because this product is so new, many stogies have not yet been produced. 850 boxes of ten have been created so far. There is not much knowledge about whether or not more will be made. It depends upon the success of the variety. For the amount out now, ordering can be done in single quantities or in bulk orders. This variety is extremely unique and flavorful. Any experienced smoker would enjoy this fine cigar without disappointment.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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