La Palina 1896 Cigar Best CigarsIf you are looking for a nice, creamy cigar to enjoy, the La Palina 1896 cigar will definitely wet your appetite for an amazing taste. Many of the reviews for this fine stick have described it as having a very smooth blend, and is the true elegance and experience sought after by aficionados and novices alike. The construction has been said to be ultimately flawless, and that it leads to an unforgettable smoking experience.

La Palina 1896 cigars legendary history of uniqueness has a commendable blending and construction that will leave you breathless, because everyone who has ever smoked one of these beauties cannot get enough of it. The band on the stick is a classic which bears resemblance to a Cameo, and it is gorgeous, with sheer colors of white, gold and charcoal. The secondary band has the 1896 logo adorning it, making it one of the most unique sticks around.

The draw on the La Palina 1896 cigar prior to lighting, is a bittersweet chocolate flavor. When breathing in the foot notes, there are hints of spicy tobacco that makes the anticipation for the finish quite exciting. Once this stick is ignited, the first draw brings dry leathery flavors with a fast rush of the cocoa and caramel hue to the forefront, so fast that you may not even recognize the very first flavor of the dry leather. During the first third of this bittersweet stick is a swirling hue of cherry that tantalizes the taste buds and flows over the palate like a whirlwind. This flavor is the ultimate in smoking enjoyment.

Smoking the middle of this stogie has produced the almost forgotten notes of leather, with the faintest flavor of chocolate espresso in the foreground, and the sweet cherry notes in the background. The second third has such a creamy and lovely flavor that it may remind some of having a delicious dessert. The aroma actually coats the palate with a sweetness that is totally delectable. The caramel notes during the first and second thirds of this stick will bring much joy to a renowned stogie smoker.

Wonderment never ceases as the final third of the cigar is being puffed. The espresso hue with the sweetness of cherry and caramel flow into a massive crescendo that is unbelievable, even to an experienced aficionado. During the final note of La Palina 1896 cigars, there will be no harshness. You will not only enjoy a bittersweet note of great flavor that you will wish to repeat time and time again, it will also brush your palate like the stroke on an exquisite canvas painting. In all honesty, this stick is the perfect one for beginners. Even if you are a novice at smoking, it is a truly delicious experience that will keep you coming back for more and more of the aromatic flavors. Keep them in your favorite humidor so there will be no time spent seeking one out. It is a good idea to have a La Palina 1896 cigar there for the taking any time you have a craving for the ultimate experience.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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