La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series CigarsLa Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series cigars are a rare smoke released in 2012 that are divided into two types, the Liga LR-1 and the Liga YG-23. La Gloria Cubana only produced 13,000 of each, and both only come in a single vitola. Their limited run, only 500 boxes of 26, make these two offerings one of the smallest batches offered by the company. A unique element of La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series cigars is that they feature a band made from 100 percent tobacco; this means that the bands are not only decorative, but able to be smoked as well. They are from the El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic. Michael Giannini, the director of marketing, and Yuri Guillen, General Manager of the El Credito factory, are responsible for creating these blends and box designs.

Such care was put into the construction of the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series cigars that Guillen personally handpicked two Grade 9 rollers for the task. To become a tabaquero, or cigar rolling master, most businesses require a 2 year apprenticeship. After this time their skill level is directly connected to the grade of cigars they roll. Companies offer different grades, which are based on size and quality, and only the best tabaqueros roll the biggest and finest smokes (those classified as Grade 9).

The experience of the roller is what results in a smoke that burns evenly. These two tabaqueros did impressive work, because reviewers of the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series cigars always made a point to mention the quality of the construction. They found the burn line to be sharp and lacking a need for corrections throughout the duration of the smoke.   

The Liga YG-23 features a Sumatra Especial wrapper from Ecuador. The wrapper has a few prominent veins, and an oily sheen. The toothiness (oil) makes for a richer, stronger flavor. The YG in the name is a nod to the creator, Yuri Guillen. The fillers are Dominican and Nicaraguan. This smoke is considered to have a medium to full body. Reviewers found that the main flavors of the cold draw are pepper, earth, wood, and tobacco. A peppery kick serves as an introduction during the first third, but retreats as the smoke progresses. Sweetness and oak make an appearance and are complemented by the spice that lingers in the retro-hale. This version of the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Series cigars is 7 inches with a size 52 ring gauge. The band uses vegetable dye, which has the innovative feature of retaining the image in the ash when smoking.

Everything used in the construction of the Liga LR-1 has been aged from 8-10 years. The wrapper is a Habano Connecticut Fino, while the tobaccos used in the filler and binder all hail from Nicaragua. The wrapper is extremely toothy, and textured with veins. Although this smoke starts as a medium body it escalates to full by the second third and stays there. Cedar, toast, leather, pepper and a creamy sweetness all harmonize together in this blend. The mild Connecticut wrapper is enhanced by the slightly spicier filler.  Reviewers cited that there are notes of dry grain and unbuttered popcorn. In the final third the spice ramps up, earthiness appears, and the creaminess takes on a cinnamon quality. The sole vitola available measures in at 7 inches with 60 ring gauge.  The band is decorated with a die cut process.  The LR in the name stands for Limited Release.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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