Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Capa Oscura                     Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                             Strength: Medium

La Gloria Cubana Serie N CigarThe La Gloria Cubana Serie N was a highly anticipated release from Team La Gloria Cubana, as they are known. Yuri Guillen developed these cigars in conjunction with Benji Menendez, Michael Giannini, and Rick Rodriguez whom make up Team La Gloria Cubana. Yuri is the production manager of manufacturing for General Cigar Dominicana's. La Gloria Cubana Serie N is the sister brand to the highly acclaimed Serie R. The sizes available are JSB 5 ½ inches x 54 ring gauge, Rojo 6 ½ x 46, Generoso 5 ¾ x 49, and Glorioso 6 ½ x 58.

La Gloria Cubana brand is currently owned by Swedish Match/ General Cigar. However, the brand started over 130 years ago. It began in Cuba in 1885. In 1948, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo started the El Credito cigar company and purchased the brand La Gloria Cubana. He and his family were loved by their fellow countrymen and he ran for a Senate seat in his district. He ended up serving two terms. As Castro started to gain power in Cuba, he and his regime started to confiscate people's property's and businesses. Ernesto and his family were not exempt from this horrible power grab. In fear for their lives, they fled from Cuba and came to Florida. Shortly after arriving here, he found a great spot in Miami's Little Havana district and re-opened El Credito. This remained a family business until they sold it to Swedish Match/ General Cigar in 1999. Even after the purchasing of El Credito, Swedish Match/ Cigar General still takes pride in their La Gloria Cubana line and La Gloria Cubana Serie N is a perfect example of this. They continue to hold true to the top quality standards they have always been known for. This cigar is a true gem of a cigar, and one that is a must have in your humidor.

The wrapper on the La Gloria Cubana Serie N is one that will take you by surprise. The wrapper is almost completely black. The color would be compared to a tar or molasses black color. Visually, it is a beautiful wrapper with a few veins and an oily sheen. This cigar feels very solid in your hand and is well packed. It is presented in a hexagonal red box with twenty-four cigars. The band is striking against such a dark wrapper. The draw on this cigar is flawless. The burn is completely even, even to the end of the cigar. There were no touch-ups or relights necessary. The ash held tight until almost the end and was a medium gray color. This cigar produced a lot of thick white smoke. The flavors were complex and rich. With the wrapper being so dark, it added a complexity not found in many other cigars. In the first third, there were tastes of apricot or dried raisins, depending on your pallet. There were also notes of molasses. Into the second third, there was a definite semi-sweet chocolate flavor coming through. There was also a creamy caramel in the background. Notes that were present at this point were of molasses, mocha, wood, and a nice spicy flavor. In the final portion of the La Gloria Cubana Serie N, the semi-sweet chocolate was most prevalent. It almost took on a flavor of dark chocolate. Although there were still delightfully rich notes of wood and spice.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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