La Flor Dominicana  Air Bender Cigar

Size:   Maestro (5.5″ X 52)         Wrapper:   Ecuadorian Habano 

Binder:  Dominican                    Filler:  Dominican (Piloto Cubano, Sumatra seed, & Corojo)

Strength:  Full                          

La Flor Dominicana Air Bender CigarAir Bender cigars, another offering of Litto Gomez, feature such a powerful profile that he named them after the classic Kung Fu movies in which powerful warriors “bend the air.” Each vitola is named after either an ancient warrior or character in one of these movies. Litto and his wife, Ines, maintain a superior level of quality in their cigars by growing their own leaf, running their own factories, and carefully selecting those who stock their cigars. The Air Bender Cigar is also supposedly based on the movie Avatar.

Thanks to its Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, the Air Bender has one of the finest presentations in the cigar world. The AirBender has a  medium to dark brown wrapper is extremely smooth with no veins, and the medium amount of oil gives it a lovely sheen, with nary a soft spot. Very solid and dense, the Air Bender has a nice weight to it.  The straight line running from cap to foot is visible evidence of its having been in the press and can be seen through the wrapper. A variety of differently shaded tobaccos are perceptible at the foot.

As tightly packed and firm as this cigar is, far from being tight, the draw is well-nigh perfect from light to finish.  The burn is exceptional, requiring only one or two minor touch-ups. 

Upon lighting, the AirBender assails the smoker with untrammeled primitive power.  Right from the start, it is evident that the Air Bender is powerhouse of a smoke.  The earthiness often found after a potent cigar reaches its zenith is apparent within the first inch or so of this cigar worthy of its warrior name. The flavor spectrum includes a black peppery piquancy in the back of the throat with some roasted nuts and caramel flavors and an underlying tone of “dry” leather flavor also present. 

From its powerful beginning, the Air Bender mellows into a medium to full-strength cigar in the second third.  The spice mellows out as the caramel taste departs leaving the characteristic strong earthiness of tobacco.  Just as it seems the flavors have fizzled out, they make a stunning reappearance as the Air Bender reaches the final third. Here, the strength continues medium as the flavors deescalate back into the caramelized sweetness and leather that characterized it earlier. 

This milder vein lasts through the final third of the cigar as it puts out lots of full-flavored leather and caramelized sugar enhanced with a delicate woodsy undertone. 

The Air Bender lives up to its name, as Litto once again presents us with a solid and stalwart cigar. With the strength of heroes who “bend the air”, encased in a smoothness one can’t help but appreciate, the Air Bender is NOT for the novice, the casual smoker, nor the lover of mild cigars with delicately seasoned gourmet meals. Rather, it is a cigar for the mature palate after a hearty meal of meat and potatoes.  The ligero in this cigar is uninhibited making the Air Bender a must-have smoke for anyone who walks on the dangerous side of life—preferring strong,  full-flavored cigars that pack a punch.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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