Origin:  Dominican Republic                                                       Binder:  Nicaraguan

Wrapper:  Cameroon                                                                 Strength:  Medium to Full

Filler:  Dominican Republic and Brazilian                                   

La Flor Dominicana 2000 SeriesIn the mid 1990s a company owned and operated by the Gomez family was born in the Dominican Republic.  Originally known as Los Libertadores, La Flor Dominicana has quickly picked up speed as well as developed a stellar reputation for producing some of the finest cigars.  Although their popularity has drastically increased, they have remained very selective about the retailers they will allow to carry the family brand.  Thus, finding their cigars, especially the La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series, can pose a challenge for connoisseurs, which only increases the desire for these treasures. 

One reason the La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series is such a beloved cigar is due to the preparations taken in order to create the perfect smoke.  One third of the tobacco used to make these cigars is homegrown on the family’s 120 acre farm.  They go above and beyond to ensure the family brand upholds its reputation among aficionados by harvesting the plants with extra space between them to allow extra sunlight to reach the leaves, which will in turn produce a more muscular and thicker leaf.  They also careful clean the plants to eliminate the suckers that grown between the leaves as well as remove the flowers to provide more room for optimal development.  This coddling along with the prolonged aging process contributes to the uniqueness of these cigars. 

At first glance, one will notice the taut square press of this robust cigar, which almost makes it appear rectangular in shape.  A true beauty, the La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series exposes the raw veins of the leaves, which tightly embrace the unique blends of a Cameroon wrapper with a Dominican and Brazilian filler and a Nicaraguan binder.  To say this is a sweet reward would be no far stretch given the sweetness that makes happy the palate of a true cigar lover. 

This cigar has a slight tightness to the draw, but it comes without much effort.  After an easy light, one will quickly notice the petite hints of a very mild vanilla flavor with an enjoyable spicy aroma and creamy texture.  As the smoke progresses, the flavor slowly intensifies, but never goes beyond the medium intensity.  After about an inch, notes of mint are revealed but subtly accentuate the ever-present vanilla flavor.  In keeping with its style, the La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series becomes tangier midway through and exposes a woody flavor.  From there this treasured cigar brings on the spice, finishing with a stout cedar note and finally cooled down with mint.   

Overall, the La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series is a well performing robusto cigar with a superior flavor.  Many cigar lovers from beginner to seasoned will love to test their palate against the likes of this sometimes hidden treasure.  Although it can be a challenge to find a retailer suitable for the family’s standards, it is definitely worth doing a little work to find them.  However, once found, one might consider buying a box as it might be hard to keep them in the humidor for long.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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