La Cima Classic CigarA good smoke any time of day is what La Cima classic cigars offers any type of smoker. These amazing stogies are popular with every level of smoker because of the full-bodied richness that keeps on giving from the first toke to the last. With origins deep in the heart of soil-rich Nicaragua, the tobacco promises deliciousness and fullness delivering on those promises throughout the entire smoke. Even the reviews are amazing providing a wonderful look into history and excellence provided by this singular company.

Tobacco is big business, and knowing how to develop rich tobacco products at an affordable price is important. Everything has to be just right for an amazing smoke. The soil has to be rich; the sun has to be perfectly warm without a lot of direct heat, and the people have to know how to cultivate the land to get those outstanding tobacco leaves used in every portion of the stogie.

The first third is an amazing experience of spiciness with a slight hint of dark chocolate. While the ash is rich and beautifully white, the La Cima classic cigar does offer a great even burn necessary, and they rival the best smokes in the world. Having the first draw provides a relaxing taste of perfection leading up to the second third. The smooth Nicaraguan wrapper is an even, medium dark foretelling of the dark chocolate hints upon drawn on the first third.

Of course, the second third provides the transition from the smoothness with a hint of chocolate to the richness of the final third. There are some delicious tones in the middle of this stogie to keep the smoker enjoying the experience. The Nicaraguan filler is perfectly aged for freshness and deliciousness. The freshness, even with aging, is due to the experience of the manufacturer.

La Cima classic cigars have a reputation for excellence, and for good reason. As the smoker finishes off this superior stogie, the spiciness come forth full force giving the smoker a full bodied experience that is wonderful at any time of day. There are few reviewers that do not comment on the even burn even up to the final toke.

Having a company knowledgable in the art of tobacco ensures that the smoker enjoys a full experience. Whether as a breakfast smoke or an after dinner favorite, smokers appreciate the consistency of this stogie. Having better does not have to cost a fortune either, as this stogie proves. The compilation of tobaccos and delicious chocolate allows the smoker to enjoy a great smoke everyday thanks to a single La Cima classic cigar.

Smokers appreciate greatness, and that greatness is evident when it comes to La Cima classic cigars. This is easily obtained when the smoker trusts a company that has a reputation for excellence in the tobacco industry. Even the techniques by which this fine stogie is aged will leave the smoker gasping for more with every breath. Family techniques have been spirited away to ensure the best smoke in the industry, and the reviews are proving that, once again, this company has hit gold. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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