La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004 CigarsThe La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004 is a unique, hand-rolled cigar with tobaccos all harvested within the same time period. The stunning Salomon vitola is a sight to behold, with its magnificent size and immaculate craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why this is a limited edition. The curse of the Salomon vitolas never presents itself with this incredible cigar. From the pre-light to the final fall of the dark ash, both reviewers and enthusiasts have nothing but the best things to say about this king-sized stogie.

Let’s get into the fine details.

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper ensures the stogie is a work of art. First impressions are exceptional. The caramel color is dark and hints at the sweetness to follow. The toothy feel definitely combines well with the slightly oily appearance. The bright yellow background of the band is highlighted with the trademark lion and coinage. Even the pack is firm, without excessive soft spots to take away from the experience. A pleasant open foot smells slightly of dark cocoa.

The Dominican filler and binder are ideally aged together before construction. Sundried, aged in cedar, and then handled only by professional torcedors for hand-rolling these fine cigars, the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004 lights evenly and continues an even burn throughout. While there is a need to occasionally relight, it is said to be minimal. This defies the problem that typically comes up with Salomon vitolas. Relights are common with these cigars because of their enormous size. What La Aurora accomplished with minimal lighting and an even burn is simply extraordinary.

Upon initial lighting, reviewers enjoyed the buttery cocoa combined with hints of cedar. A surprising peppery shot came with the first draw. However, the pepper vanished quickly, giving way to a sweet caramel and cedar flavor throughout the first third. The transition to the second third was a bit surprising, with chicory entering the picture. By the final third, the buttery cocoa is holding strong and the coffee notes provided a smooth finish for the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004.

The medium-bodied strength of the nicotine at the start of the stogie transitioned slowly to a full-bodied smoke by the final third. This makes it very pleasant for the experienced smoker and a great introduction to full-bodied stogies for the novice. The flavor does have depth and is quite robust, easily placing it in the medium to full-bodied flavor range. The flavors blend smoothly with an occasional surprise, making for ideal complexity.

La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004 cigars are not easily found because of the limited number available. If a smoker gets a chance, they are well advised to pick up a couple of these for the humidor. The price may seem a bit high for the novice smoker, but this is compensated for with the extra large size of the stogie.

The La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004 contains a wonderful blend of tobaccos, all cedar-aged together to ensure uniformity. The fine appearance and initial experience make for an exceptional stogie. The flavor blend transitions smoothly, and the strength of the stogie puts it in a class all of its own.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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