La Aurora Preferidos Corojo La Aurora Preferidos Corojo cigars follow in the superior footsteps of its 1903 counterpart. What was once a local favorite in the Dominican Republic has been re-created in order for aficionados of today to experience the mastery of Eduardo Leon Jimenes. From the select rollers privileged to construct them to the distinctive aging process the tobaccos endure, full-bodied La Aurora Preferidos Corojo cigars are said to live up to its historic reputation.

Jimenes made his mark in the industry right from the beginning. The birth of the original Preferidos coincided with the opening of his Dominican Republic factory that still exists today. He proved from the start that premium smokes were not solely manufactured in Cuba. The brand’s highly regarded status in the industry as well as their quality craftsmanship has continued for over 100 years, with leadership of the company remaining within the family under the reins of Eduardo’s son Antonio. This brand has grown to be among one of the largest companies in that country today.

A slice of their success lies within the premium La Aurora Preferidos Corojo cigars. This line-up is handcrafted by a limited amount of skilled torcedors that have proven a minimum of fifteen years of valuable experience. Each professional only produces a maximum of 125 sticks a day to ensure the consistency and superior quality. They are constructed of a Dominican wrapper and binder, while the filler consists of a Dominican, Cameroon, and Brazil tobacco mixture. It is manufactured in three different formats, including the 6 x 58 Corojo No. 1 and both the Corojo No. 2 and Gold Tube in a 5 x 54 ring gauges. The production process is complex, yet results in a highly balanced stick. The tobaccos utilized go through a four year maturing process beginning with the curing phase. It is then ripened and aged in rum barrels for up to one year. Once it has been carefully rolled the smokes continue aging for approximately six months before they will be ready to be stocked in humidors world-wide.

The exterior is said to set the stage for what is to come. The pre-lit scent is described as being quite pleasing with subtle hints of hay and fresh tobacco. Once ignited the La Aurora Preferidos Corojo cigars are said to be full of flavor right from the start. The first third introduced a chocolate taste with a slight hint of spice towards the end. The middle third continues to carry the peppery spice the whole time, and the notes of sugary chocolate are said to remain as well, while a minor hint of rawhide peeks through. According to reviewers of this stick, the final third provides a boost in strength with a more intense sweetness taking the lead. The spiciness increases a bit towards the nub. The draw was said to be smooth and the burn was consistent and even overall.

La Aurora Preferidos Corojo cigars continue to have reviewers sharing their admirations and raving interpretations of this offering. While the history behind these smokes runs deep, it is the depth of the flavor and aroma that continue to impress all levels of smokers. It has been touted as being a must for every personal humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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