La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut CigarBlended as an honorary tribute to the founder of the company, La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut cigars pay homage to Eduardo León Jimenes with legendary flavor profiles and great tobacco taste. Since 1998, this line has won the hearts and palates of aficionados everywhere. It was first offered only as perfectos but now is also offered in parejo shapes as well.

This stick features a wrapper that is golden and sleek. All of the La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut cigars have a Dominican Piloto binder with a Brazilian, Cameroon and Dominican filler. The Cameroon wrapper is not oily as some are, but is somewhat dry instead, but those who tried this offering said it was still quite desirable. Reviewers liked the cap and remarked that it had a firm body. They also liked the fact that the pre-light aroma was that of hay and almonds.

The first third of the smoke surprises some reviewers with a bold ginger spiciness that is consumed by a dry oak flavor note soon after lighting the smoke. Into the second third, a smoked meat taste is notably present. A creamy, nutty taste also comes and goes as it tickles the palate. Toward the end of the smoke, the strong notes of almond make another appearance. The dryness of the oak that is found comes in constant hints throughout the entirety of the smoke.

The La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut cigars deliver everything that is expected of a superior smoke and so much more. With what is described as being a burn line of perfection, along with a long holding ash, the smoke offers a draw that is described as being more than smooth.

The company that produces the La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut cigars is the one that has the title of being the first in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the expertise that comes from over a hundred years of growing tobacco and selecting only the finest leaves, the line has been a huge success.

Aficionados all give the La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut cigars high marks and recommend them highly. They insist that if a strong flavor profile, medium to full bodied strength and great tobacco taste are things that make up the best cigars, this company has definitely earned a seat at the top of the tobacco industry.

Methods and techniques that have withstood the tests of both time and competition make these smokes win out among the best in the industry time after time. The name alone allows people to know that this is going to be an extraordinarily special stick. That is why this line and many others that the company produces have been so well received by aficionados all over the globe.

Not one of the reviewers offered a poor review, nor did any of them score these sticks at anything other than an exceptional rating. With marks like that, it is easy to understand why this is one of the most sought after lines that have been produced by the company. It is a must have for any serious smoker to include in their humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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