La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon CigarsDebuting in 1998, La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon cigars are a tribute to Eduardo Leon Jimenes (founder of La Aurora). An oily wrapper offers an astounding presentation with its deliciously aged tobaccos. Talk about a sensational flavor blend! Ever have a stogie with tobaccos fermented in rum barrels? If not, this stick is going to give a once in a lifetime experience that will not soon be forgotten thanks to this process.

The wrapper is a fine African Cameroon with a handsome Maduro coloration. The band accentuates the color extremely well, and the light toothiness complements the few thick veins that are present. The foot is quite even with a cap that is almost idyllic. A rum barrel is the final step in the aging process of this fine tobacco, making it a true original. Keep in mind the barreling is not for adding a rum flavor, but to hasten the fermentation of the tobacco. First appearances are everything, so the old adage goes. If that is the case, the La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon cigars are going to knock some socks off.

While the stick is manufactured in the Dominican Republic, the tobaccos are from a variety of locations. The filler is said to be a perfected blend of tobaccos. A combination of Brazilian Bahia, Piloto Cubano and Cameroon ensure a medium-bodied strength that is a bit on the strong side. Reviewers have also raved over the Cubano binder. This deliciously unique blend of tobaccos makes for a pre-light aroma that is said to be of a rich tobacco scent with delightful accents of salty spice.

Reviewers suggested cutting the end with a straight cut to maximize the overall experience. The first draw was said to produce ample smoke that is thick and white with outstanding flavors. La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon cigars are initially sweet with a touch of woodsy notes that are perfectly accented with a deep spice flavor thanks to the exotic wrapper. The ash was noted not to fall until the end of the first third and the smoke continued producing rich aromas that filled the room.

The second third of this stick is said to be a smooth continuation of the initial third. There is a slight flavor addition that reviewers claim tastes similar to ginger. The strong ash continues to hold true and the burn is quite even, while following the original shape of the initial cut. A bit more of the sweetness is evident towards the end of the second third. Reviewers say the sweetness does not overwhelm the smoker in any way, but instead balances it out.   

The final third of La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon cigars are said to be quite interesting and offer ample surprises for the smoker. The sweetness seems to vanish as a creamy latte flavor starts to come forward. The strength remains medium throughout the entirety of the smoke, but the body is definitely full by the end of the stogie. Smokers also rave about the firm and cool nub left behind that has the same straight cut shape.

La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon cigars are noted as being delicious and hearty, pleasing even the most discerning aficionado. It is said to be one that is being stocked in personal humidors to savor at a later date and share with close friends and family.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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