La Aurora Gran Reserva PreferdiosFrom the Dominican Republic and new owner Guillermo Leon comes the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos. This line of cigars is a tribute to the brand that began in 1903 and is the oldest in the country of Dominican Republic. With this type of experience and know-how, the results were sure to be stunning. That surely is the case with these great smokes.

These cigars were produced in 2003 and allowed to age to a superb maturity before being offered .They are produced in extremely limited quantities so that the most prime and perfect tobacco leaves can be chosen. In this industry, it is quality and craftsmanship that supersedes the drive to mass produce a cigar. They are limited to productions of only two hundred thousand cigars per year. The result is something grand; the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos. These cigars are meant to pay homage to the very first ones that were produced when the company was founded over a hundred years ago. The flavor profile and aromatics definitely are a nod in favor of applauding the company for mission accomplished.

The size of these smokes widen out in the middle to give a full flavor impact for the smoker. They are premium offerings that have the aficionados singing their praises. The Reserva features a blend that includes the matured fillers of Dominican origin tobaccos. They are offered in a Corojo wrapper.

Reviewers all agreed that there were special tasteful aromas and flavor notes that included many different spices along with a peppery sensation. There was a sweetness that was reminiscent of cocoa included that took the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos from a medium bodied cigar to a grandiose full-bodied smoke. They are offered in the perfecto shape. The sizing is a 5 x 54. This is quite a nice cigar and holds and feels good in the hand. It starts off smaller at both ends and widens as it heads towards the middle of the stick. This is a premium cigar because of the aged tobacco. This aging gives it the taste that allows this smoke to live up to being a premium cigar.

When a flavor profile can hold up from the pre-light draw to the very nub, it is considered a smoke that delivers. All of the reviewers stated that there was an ample amount of smoke throughout and that the burn was even. The ash held on impressively for more than an inch, and that the coloring was mostly gray. It is hard to imagine a cigar that presents a more perfect blend.

The La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos is definitely one that is recommended for the humidor. Since it is pre-aged, it is ready for the aficionado to relax and enjoy. Of course, because they are produced in such limited numbers, if one is able to get a hold of this cigar they should consider buying extras to stock in their humidor.

The reviewers gave the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos an average of ninety-two for the ratings. This is definitely a recommendation by those who know their tobacco leaves. With an endorsement like this, this cigar is a must have.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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