La Aurora 107 Cigar For Sale Produced by Miami Cigar and Company, La Aurora 107 cigars offer great tobacco flavor and taste notes unlike any other. Nestor and Mariana Miranda began the company in 1989 and have since been among the leaders in the tobacco producing industry.

This line features a smoke that is made from tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic. The binder is also Dominican while the filler contains both Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. It is billed as a medium to full strength smoke. The size that received the most reviews was the Corona at 5.5 x 43. The wrapper on this offering is Ecuadorian. Many of the reviewers all made the same observation, which was the wrapper was the thing that set this particular smoke on a pedestal in comparison to others they had tried. The La Aurora 107 cigars are in a class by themselves.

The wrapper is so oily that it literally seems to gleam. From the cap forward, the entire stick was said to be perfectly rolled. There were no soft spots and it was noted as being a rather hefty smoke to hold in the hand. Being packed well but not too tightly is a talent that some companies do not seem to be able to boast. Fortunately, for the aficionado, the La Aurora 107 cigars have narrowed it to a science when it comes to a well-packed smoke.

It was noted that the pre-light draw had a wonderful taste of chocolate. Once it was lit, many reviewers said there was an immediate flavor note of earthiness like fine leather. Along with it came the chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. However, those that have tried them said that these notes faded to the background in the first third of the smoke and the primary flavor gave way to a delightful nuttiness. The middle third of the smoke was said to bring terrific taste sensations likened to warm bread and spices. The chocolate and cinnamon was still ever present. Reviewers agreed that the last third of the stick ends the smoking session with that same note of chocolate along with woodsy cedar and a wholesome earthiness. The La Aurora 107 cigars are definitely noted as being a treat for the eye as well as the palate.

One reviewer went as far as to say that this was definitely one of those smokes that should be billed as a five star experience. They said it had a really crisp burn and that the ash did not give out until it was well into the first third. It was said to have an ample amount of smoke and that even the smoky aroma was pleasing.

Many of the reviewers reported that while the Corona was the size that they were offering opinions on, they also said that they had had other vitolas and that they were just as impressive. Basically, they insisted that the size does not matter. There are tobacco lines and then there are tobacco champions. This is definitely in the latter group. The La Aurora 107 cigars are the type of sticks that would lure even those who are not avid smokers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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