La Aurora 100 Anos Cigar The La Aurora 100 Anos cigars premiered in 2003 to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the company. The highest quality leaf in combination with imaginative blending has made this line a top release each year. The year of its release, this cigar was ranked as Cigar Aficionados no. 2 smoke. This is a largely complex stogie, ideal for the experienced smoker.

The La Aurora 100 Anos cigars seem regal in appearance. Each stogie features the classic red, gold, white, and filigree covered label. Resting majestically in the center of the image is a lion sitting before the sunset. The eyes are then drawn towards this stogie’s creamy, lighter Hershey’s coloring, medium sized veins, and virtually no visible seems. This stogie smells strongly of chocolate, coffee, and hay. This creates an almost earthy mocha smell, enhanced by sweeter cedar notes and typical dark Dominican tastes when sampling the cold draw. The cold draw is pleasurably firm without reaching a restrictive feel.

La Aurora 100 Anos cigars employ only the finest Dominican tobaccos. This line utilizes a silky Dominican corojo wrap that has been aged since 2000. They use Dominican Republic leaf to create the binder and Dominican Corojo and Dominican Pilato Cubano leaves for the filler tobacco. The filler tobacco has been in the aging process since 1996. The majority of this line’s stogies were rolled with the 2004 releases and have been aging ever since. This line features six different vitolas so that every enthusiast can find the perfect size for them. This line features a Robusto, Churchill, Belicoso, No. 4, Lancero, and a Preferido. The measurements for the Robusto are 5x50rg, the Churchill 7x50rg, the Belicoso 6 ¼ x52rg, the No.4 5 ¼ x42rg, the Lancero 6 7/8x40rg, and the Preferido 6x58.

Burning the first third further reveals La Aurora 100 Anos cigars’ vast variety of perfectly blending and alternating flavors. The flame takes hold instantly and precisely. This cigar has a deliciously creamy profile noticeable with the first drag. The following puffs reveal the earthy mocha aroma as the dominant flavor. The sweet cedar and hay tastes mix nicely with the notes of maple cinnamon and spice. These blended flavors cause this stogie to take on a milk and cookie profile. From the beginning the burn line remained exact and offered near perfect continuous pulls. The taste and smoke were a constant build up to a desirably bold stogie.

The second third began with the same creamy, maple cookie profile. The second third also gave rise to the new leathery tones and a slight delicious tart. The mocha taste was a constant undertone to a very bold taste and smoke. However, it remained extremely smooth, creating an expertly blended oasis that traveled well into the final third. The maple creaminess of the beginning wore off to the rising of earthy chocolate and strong leathery and coffee tastes for the grand finale. The nub was easily handled and never hot to the touch, even when being put out against the ash tray. The La Aurora 100 Anos cigars should be an undeniable choice for any aficionado who enjoys the rarity of near flawless craftsmanship and flavor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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