Kristoff Sumatra Churchill Cigars Kristoff Sumatra Cigars were the big unveil for founder Glenn Case and his brand in August of 2009. Introduced at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Convention in New Orleans, this line of smokes was highly anticipated and reportedly did not disappoint. From the Criollo to the Ligero, Kristoff consistently creates smoking masterpieces consisting of authentic flavors and premium tobaccos. Those reviewing this superior smoke agree that the Kristoff Sumatra Cigar is another fine example of this exquisite craftsmanship.

This line-up was surely produced with the tradition and character of the best Cuban stogies in mind. Rolled in the Dominican Republic, it is made up of a deep brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and Dominican Olor binder. The filler consists of a perfect blend of Cuban Seed Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves. This medium to full bodied line is available in four substantial sizes which include the Robusto 5.5 x 54, Matador 6.5 x 56, Torpedo 6.25 x 52, and the Churchill 7 x 50. Kristoff Sumatra Cigars come displayed in a rustic, yet handsome cedar box containing twenty smokes encircled with loose tobacco. The packaging has been said to be enticing and have a “pre-embargo feel” to it.

As many true aficionados anticipated the launch of this superior line from Glenn Case, they didn’t hesitate to experience it themselves. The positive reviews have continued to be told as each has gotten their hands on this fairly new smoke to the industry. Out of the box, they are said to be impressive in size with their firm pigtail cap and shaggy foot. Each sport a sophisticated band of red, white, and gold with the brand name boldly displayed in the middle. The wrapper has an oily finish with minimal vein lines present. The stick is described as having a solid construction and feeling firm in the hand. Most agree that it is easy to cut and leaves a clean foot from the start.

The flavors and aroma of the Kristoff Sumatra Cigar are said to be distinctive and enjoyable beginning with the pre-light inspection. Once lit, many notice the first third immediately introduces a cedar and spice mixture with slight notes of creamy sweetness coming through. The combination of the Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobaccos provide this ideal blend. In the second third the flavors were reported to carry on the spice with less intensity while the sweet notes were on the increase at this point. Many described the final third as having numerous flavors coming through. The spice continues in the background as floral and almond undertones sneak in. The finale is said to be dominated by pure sweetness to the very end. Many noted that the draw was nice and even while the burn was steady throughout. The pale white ash was said to hold reasonably well from start to finish. There were no reported touch-ups or relighting necessary during the smoking experience.

The general consensus of those picking up one of these smokes is that it was a very satisfying medium bodied smoke. The flavors and aroma are unique yet complimentary to each other. The customary Cuban essence is truly embodied within Kristoff Sumatra Cigars. For those that haven’t already experienced the journey of this stogie, it is a necessary addition to any humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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