Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro                                           Binder: Olor Dominican and Cuban Seed

Filler: Olor Dominican and Cuban-Seed, Nicaraguan     Strength: Medium to Full Bodied

Sizes: Churchill 7 x 50, Corona 5 x 44, Matador 6.5 x 56, Robust 5.5 x 54, Short Robust 4 x 54, Torpedo 6.1 x 52

Kristoff Maduro Cigars OnlineKristoff Maduro cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic. Each stick is packaged in a cedar box filled with bits of loose tobacco leaves. A creation of Glen Case, this premium smoke has received many raving reviews. Those who have sampled these beauties have been impressed by their construction as well as their flavor and aroma.

Many aficionados notice a strong, pleasing, rich aroma greets them as they reach in to take one of these little treasures of the smoking world out of the box. The appearance of the Kristoff Maduro Cigar is not disappointing. A simple classic band surrounds a dark, oily Brazilian Maduro wrapper. The band's appearance denotes a simplistic elegance. It is constructed well with the color of light brown paper with a darker, italic print for the wording. Minimal graphics surround the words to offset them ever so slightly. The wrapper dressed in this band encases an Olor Dominican and Cuban-seed binder. This in turn snuggly holds the blend of Olor Dominican, Cuban-Seed, and Nicaraguan long leaf filler. The construction is a masterful work of art.

Upon light-up, it is noted that a swirl of smoke climbs from the shaggy foot of one of the premium Kristoff Maduro cigars. This is a characteristic that most reviewers enjoy thoroughly. A full puff brings about the knowledge of the superb construction and rich flavor for those who have had the chance to savor this offering. The ebony richness in the color tones of the wrapper belie the licorice and earthy notes that it adds to the taste of this Domincan product. Most have reported that the first third presents varied earthy, toasted nut and slight peppery tones with a few highlights of licorice along the way. They say that a fruity taste greets the palate in the second third with a mix of espresso and spice. A hint of sweetness rounds out the smooth, non-complex flavor array to give it a satisfying finish. Most reviewers are amazed at how the flavors, though seeming in contrast at points, complement each other to deliver a truly lovely overall refined flavor motif.

Most report a beautiful, even burn throughout the smoking experience with the Kristoff Maduro Cigar. This helps to ensure the pull on the draw is just the proper amount of tightness to create an enjoyable activity. Many people have been pleased with the firm, medium gray ash that is produced when one of these cigars are enjoyed. It hangs on long enough to represent the fine construction that goes in to the making of this imported product. It also speaks to the high quality of the tobacco leaves that are used to create this gem.

Most people who have smoked one of these Kristoff Maduro cigars are in agreement that it is an incredibly non-complex and smooth tobacco product. They usually consider the price to be moderate in comparison to the quality smoke that is obtained by purchasing one of these premium items. The oily wrapper adds a licorice and earthy note to the overall smoke. Added to these flavors are tones of toasted nuts, spice, and a slight bit of sweet fruit as the burn progresses toward the last third. This smoke is rated among the favorites by many of the reviewers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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