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Offered by a company of the same name, Kristoff Ligero cigars are an up and coming brand making its way in the industry today. The makers began producing their offerings in 2005. They have put together an impressive list of blenders who, together, have a plethora of experience backed by generations of know-how that is steeped in Cuban tradition.

The Kristoff Ligero offers a Brazilian Maduro wrapper. It is produced in Dominican Republic. It also features a binder that is both Dominican and Cuban seed. Its filler consists of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco as well. It is offered in the 6.5 x 56 matador size.

This particular smoke has a very dark brown wrapper, and there are many veins that are visible to the eye. Its foot is considered by many to be shaggy, and the cap is a pigtail. The band sports a brown label that has the name of the company in white. Overall, the appearance of this cigar is considered to be quite pleasing to the eye. However, as every connoisseur can attest to, the truth is found in the taste and other qualities beyond what a smoke looks like.

The Kristoff Ligero begins being what is described as bitter tasting with a huge earthiness combined. That flavor of what can only be known as dirt gives way to a very heavy taste of coffee. This is noted to be the experience throughout the first third or so of the smoke.

Reviewers went on to note that the second third left them needing hydration as it was a very dry experience. The coffee taste remained strong, and there was a nuttiness that was detected as well. While there were some notes of a sweet like taste that could be found in the second and final thirds of the smoke, it finished much the way it began with a very gritty, earthy taste that was hot and dry, yet pleasingly spicy.

The ash held extremely well and was described as being grayish in color. The burn is a bit jagged, needing to be touched up along the way but not so much so that it was overly annoying as noted by many reviewers of this smoke.

While many of the reviewers said that this was a very enjoyable cigar to be kept in the humidor, they noted it was not for the palate that wanted something extremely complex. The earthiness stayed with it from beginning to end making it consistent throughout. The Kristoff Ligero is a very good sampling for those who enjoy the extremely woodsy taste of great tobacco with the strong taste of that tobacco.

This may not be an offering for those who want something on the sweeter side or those who do not enjoy being overwhelmed with the strong taste of tobacco and earthy flavors. However, all of the reviewers say that the Kristoff Ligero is perfect for those who know what they like and enjoy a little more of what a cigar should be as opposed to what some want it to be.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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