Kristoff Criollo CigarThe Kristoff Criollo cigar is described as being a wonderful 50 x 7 Churchill by many reviewers. It has a Dominican binder of Olor Cuban seed. The filler is both Nicaraguan and Olor Cuban seed Dominican tobaccos.

The reviewers all offered their assessment of the cigar by saying that the wrapper was rather oily and the cap is a pig tail. The foot was covered. The color of the cigar was reddish-brown and had some dark striations throughout as well. It sported a rather rustic looking band.

The Kristoff Criollo was packed well with no soft spots. The draw on it before it was lit featured fruity notes along with cedar. There were noticeable hints of a white peppery taste and floral notes as well. There was also a detection of a slight hint of cinnamon that was rather mild.

Because the Kristoff Criollo had a shaggy foot, it was easy to light and it lit evenly as well. The amount of smoke was such that it could be described as medium. As it was lit, the woodsy notes were noticeable along with a slight hint of sweetness. There were some subtle notes of cocoa in the powder form as well. Along with the cocoa and woodsy notes was a spiciness that went well with the other flavors. This was the consistency of the flavors throughout the first two thirds of the cigar. The richness of the tobacco seemed to be mounting more and more throughout. While the body was still described as being in the medium range, the flavor was described as being wonderfully complex.

During the final third of the Kristoff Criollo, the floral notes were again reintroduced. There were also some notes of nuttiness along with a leathery taste being introduced for the first time. Because Dominican Olor tends to lend a dryness to the cigar, the finish was a little on the dry side. Although it was a thirst that was quenched easily with water, the final third ended with a smooth richness.

Kristoff Criollo is produced in the Dominican Republic with limited quantities. The finished product is a medium-bodied cigar that is absolutely intriguing by offering subtle notes of earth, nuts, cedar, and spices. It burns evenly and slowly. There is a smoothness experienced with each draw.

Because this is such a complex smoke, it can be enjoyed by aficionados with the most discerning taste. Of course, it is an extremely smooth tasting, medium bodied offering, so this makes it a very good stick that even a novice could easily enjoy as well. Perhaps that is the thing that makes this company able to set the bar for the others. They are able to offer tobacco products that not only please those who already have a well formed palate, but also those who are still discovering their palate. This type of versatility is one of the main ingredients that are necessary in the recipe for success in the industry, and that is why these are definitely one of the sticks to add to the humidor today!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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