JFR 770 MaduroThe JFR 770 Maduro cigar is part of a limited edition line produced by Casa Fernandez and Tabacalera Tropical. The initials in the name stand for “just for retailers.” It sits in a low to moderate price range and is making aficionados happy.

It features a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper, and a Corojo version is available. The binder and filler of the JFR 770 Maduro cigar also both come from Nicaraguan tobacco. The hand-selected leaves create a medium-bodied smoke that occasionally goes full-bodied. It is available in Robusto (5.5 by 50) and Gordo (7 by 70) ring gauges.

The JFR 770 Maduro cigar has very few noticeable flaws in the construction. The wrapper is a deep dark brown, and the body is solid. Even though the packing is tight, reviewers state that the draw was unobstructed.

The stogie produces a gray ash that holds on for nearly an inch before it needs to be tapped. While the draw is easy, reviewers noted that the burn required correction a few times.

During the first third of the JFR 770 Maduro cigar, reviewers noted that there was a hint of floral notes that stayed in the background. Earthy and cedar-like wood layers were much more noticeable, and flashed strongly. Everything was punctuated with some spiciness that starts sweet and slowly becomes more peppery. Near the end of the first third, a bitter coffee flavor starts stepping forward, but is agreeable on the palate.

During the second third of the smoke, reviewers stated that the cocoa layer had become the dominant taste in the flavor profile. The cocoa is bitter, like dark chocolate, but with a subtle note of sweetness. The peppery notes found in the first portion of the stick mellow out in the middle third and take on a sweeter taste. The woody taste and the earthiness remain, but start to fading, according to smokers.

In the final third of the JFR 770 Maduro cigar, the flavor profile remains earthy and woody. The spiciness takes a back seat. The cocoa notes linger, but also in the background. The stick retains a nice taste down to the nub, without getting too hot.

Overall, reviews are quite pleased with this line. They believe that one of the most impressive things about it is the complexity of the taste profile. Because the flavors switch back and forth, the smoker doesn’t get bored with this stogie.

These sticks aren’t difficult to find, but that could change as connoisseurs learn more about the product. This makes them a great addition to any humidor, and a great item to include in a gift basket. They are appropriate for most smokers, experienced or novice. Casa Fernandez and Tabacalera Tropical have expressed satisfaction with how well the product has sold thus far, so smokers should expect to see them entrenched on retailers’ shelves for quite a while.

This brand offers quality, flavor and value. It is highly recommended by those who have experienced it, and reviewers across the board are happy with it.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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