Joya De Nicaragua Cuenca Y Blanca CigarSome of the most anxiously awaited releases for the Top 10 cigar contenders for 2012 happens to be the Joya de Nicaragua Cuenca y Blanca cigars. They are a result of a collaboration between The company’s president, Dr. Martinez Cuenca and Senior Vice President Jose Blanca are said to be the namesakes behind this stick, which is described as an ideal merging of two different characters, identities, minds, and tastes. Typically the company is known for its purely Nicaraguan puros, but these are a blend speeding in an entirely different direction. Both creators teamed together to create something diverse and complex, nodding to the rich flavors of a number of tobaccos, instead of creating a smoke with the one strength and dominant flavor of the Nicaraguan tobacco.

The Joya de Nicaragua Cuenca y Blanca cigars use tobaccos from four different countries: Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Ecuador. The filler contains a blend of tobacco from Estreli and Ometope in Nicaragua, combined with Peruvian leaves grown in Tarapoto. They are held together by a Dominican piloto Cubano binder from the La Canella region and wrapped in a Havana wrapper.

The Joya de Nicaragua Cuenca y Blanca cigars come in five different sizes: the Corona Real (5 1/2 inches by 46), the Robusto Deluxe (5 1/4 inches by 50), the Toro Supreme (6 1/4 inches by 52), the Torpedo Especial (6 1/4 inches by 52), and the Lonsdale Club (6 1/2 inches by 44). The wrappers are a rich shade of brown, giving off a slight, oily sheen and exposing fine veins. Reviewers said the scent is a variety of smells fused together, including hay, leather, apricot and raisin. The pre-light draw gives way to the sweetness of the tobacco and the flavorful notes of dried fruit. Upon close inspection, there is a subtle saltiness that creeps in. Again, there is so much variety and complexity in the flavor.

Once lit, the cigars have a somewhat resistant draw, which suits the particular vitola. The ash, mostly white, holds firm and well-past the two inch mark. The palate is then said to be hit with creamy leathery and woodsy hues. There seems to be a battle between whether or not cedar or oak tones are most dominant according to various reviews. Additionally, there are mild black pepper and spice hints that were noted. And of course, the dry fruit notes also slide into the mix. The magnificent blending of the fillers means that none of the flavors overpower one another, instead they mix together splendidly creating a delightful palate that will please any aficionado.

In the last third of its burn-life, the Joya de Nicaragua Cuenca y Blanca cigars allow for the cedar tones to dominate the oak flavors. Simultaneously, the aforementioned saltiness also hits the tongue (as it does in the first third). And mixing with this saltiness and sweetness is the wonderful creamy textures of leather.

The Joya de Nicaragua Cuenca y Blanca cigars, in all their hues, are a definite sensory genius. Strong tobacco and delicious fragrances and tastes make this an amazing experience and a definite contender as one of the top smokes of the year!

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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