Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano seed Criollo Binder: Nicaragua Seco

Filler: Nicaragua Habano Seco & Lingero long fillers Strength: Medium to Full

Sizes: 4.5x52 (Consul), 5.5x42 (Corona), 5.5x 60, 6 x 50, 6x 52, 6.7 x 48

Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion CigarsThe Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion cigars have enjoyed the celebrity of being named among the best 25 of 2004 by Cigar Aficionado. These cigars are hailed as one of the premium cigars that have come out of Nicaragua. In the past, this brand has produced cigars that have been known for their very strong and full bodied smokes. This cigar is toned down from the predecessor, the Antano from 1970, to create a more relaxed ambiance while still retaining a solid medium strength.

The seeds of the tobacco plants were sown in the rich fields of the valleys located in the north country of Nicaragua. Superior growing soil leads to the highest quality tobacco and thus the best cigars. According to cigar aficionados, this is certainly true of this 2004 cigar.

Well constructed, the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion sports a simplistic clear design on the band. Its maroon and creamy white background colors are touched off nicely with gold and maroon lettering and a gold outline. A gold leaf graces the center of the band. In the hand, these smokers' delights have a slightly heavy feel due to the expertly packed long leaf roll. Soft spots, according to reviews, tend to be very rare. The wrapper is a medium brown Nicaraguan Habano seed Criollo. The cigar is touched off with a rustic appearing Cuban-style cap.

The aroma of the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion first greets the senses with an earthy and slightly woody scent. According to the reviews, as one inhales the fragrance while moving down the cigar, a slight spicy flavor can be picked up at the foot. Upon the first draw, reviewers report an immediate rich chocolate and coffee flavor with a hint of sweetness. There is usually a leathery note reported to be present as well. In the second third, the flavor of coffee continues along with some woodsy and nutty flavors. A slight touch of a salty taste is present as well. The final third contains the coffee notes as well as the woody ones with a continued touch of saltiness. Additionally, a tad bit of cinnamon or spicy taste is detectable by the reviewers. Overall, the smoke leaves a sensation of being out in fall leaves and evokes visions of campfires and evenings in the crisp autumn air.

The burn of the cigar generally produces a beautiful ash that holds on for a considerable amount of time. This is due to the excellent growing conditions of the tobacco leaf they use to construct these cigars. The smoke inhale varies depending on the size consumed. Overall, cigar aficionados enjoy the cigar and recommend purchasing and keeping some in the humidor. These are great for special occasions or even for a weekday evening to relax after dinner.

Available in six different sizes, these quality cigars are offered at very reasonable prices. Their taste and attractiveness have continued to increase with age. Reviews claim they are strong without the solid punch that the brand name denotes. These are the qualities that led to the top 25 rating for the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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