Origin: Nicaragua                                 Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                                Strength: Medium body

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Java Mint Infused Drew Estates CigarThe Java Mint cigar line is the latest in the Java line. This wasn't just the brain child of Rocky Patel and Jonathan Drew either. It was the demand of the Java line fans. The Java Mint cigars are a premium infused cigar made of the highest quality tobacco. It is then infused with mint, cocoa, and vanilla to make this an exceptional blend. These finds are available in Corona 5x42, Robusto 51/2x50, Toro 6x50, The 58 5x58, and Petite Corona 41/2x30.

The story behind the Java Mint cigars began with the initial release of the product line. This line is a culmination of two of the industries leaders. Rocky Patel has used his passion for cigars as a jumping off point into the infused line. He is well known for his Rocky Patel Vintage Series which really put him above the rest of the competition. Almost instantly receiving 90 plus ratings from Cigar Aficionado magazine meant that these sticks were excellent, and Rocky knew exactly what the industry needed. When he decided to venture down the road of infused smokes, he wanted to enlist the company that knew not only how to do it, but how to do it right. That meant enlisting the help of Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate. Drew Estate is known for their amazing infused smokes. The Natural, ACID, and Ambrosia are three of the industry’s top selling infused smokes, all being from Drew Estate. It isn't any wonder why, when Rocky Patel decided to try his hand in the infused market, he chose to partner up with Drew Estate.

Their initial line release, JAVA, was a huge success, even more so than they believed it would be starting off. Soon after its release, fans were wanting more and wanting more right now. Many customers were wanting a chocolate mint infused smoke and so, they took their suggestions and started working on one. It took them over a year to get the exact blend, but they finally achieved it. The Java Mint cigar was released earlier this year with great anticipation. It delivered all and more of what the customer was wanting. Some of the early reviewers were stating that this was great for anyone with a sweet tooth. This has even astounded the purists in the field.

The Java Mint cigar is a box pressed stick with a beautiful Brazilian Maduro wrapper. It is the perfect infusion of chocolate, mocha, vanilla, and mint. Upon the initial light up, one is immediately hit by the previously mentioned flavors, but also hints of pepper and spice. Those soon dissipate, and what is left is that wonderful blend of all of the other flavors. It is smooth and creamy just like the other two sticks in this line. The people that have had the chance to enjoy this state that they have an east draw. It is a well packed smoke and burns evenly. The aroma of the smoke exhibits the same characteristics as the flavors in the stick, and is equally as smooth. This is really a smoke for anyone. It is a medium body stick and perfect as an after dinner smoke, but really can be enjoyed any time of the day. If one is short on time, but wanting a no calorie chocolate treat, then the Petite Corona would be a great way to go.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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