Origin: Nicaragua                         Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                         Strength: Medium body

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Infused Java Coffee Flavored CigarIf someone wanted to venture into the infused cigar market, smoking one of the Java Coffee cigars would be a perfect recommendation. The Java Coffee cigar is one of the three from the Java line. This line was developed between Rocky Patel and Jonathan Drew. This smoke is available in a Connecticut and Maduro wrapper. It is also available in multiple sizes. It is just up to the enthusiast as far as which one they would choose. Many people have recommended the Java Wafe if one is looking for a quick smoke.

The history of the Java line is a short one, but the history behind the men that started it is full of pride and passion. Rocky Patel began his passion for fine smokes during his time in Hollywood. There, he was introduced to cigars and all the fine products available. After some time, he felt there was a niche that he could fill with his own line. That was when he decided to go out on his own to produce what have become some of the finest smokes available. His Rocky Patel Vintage Series has earned him accolades for their 90 plus rating from Cigar Aficionado magazine. As he continued to search for the next best industry move, he felt led to making infused vitolas. It was with this desire that led him to Jonathan Drew of Drew Estates. Drew Estates has been around since the early 90's and has become known around the world for their extremely flavorful infused smokes. They currently sell three of the top selling infused smokes in the world, ACID, Ambrosia, and Natural. It is no wonder that when Rocky set out to enter into the infused market, that he would enlist the help of Jonathan. Together, they have made some of the best infused smokes and nearing the top would be the Java Coffee cigars.

Great pride was taken when Rocky and Jonathan got together on this venture. Making sure that these box pressed beauties would be among the best of the best. Starting with the construction of these, they are box pressed. Many people who have smoked these that weren't fans of box pressed sticks, said that the Java Coffee cigar far surpassed any expectation they had. The wrapper was flawless and well constructed. There are no soft spots, and it is well packed. It does have some give, but that only means that the draw will be bigger.

As for the taste of the Java Coffee cigar, one is in for a treat. It is a beautifully infused smoke that has the taste of freshly ground coffee, hints of mocha, and roasted nuts. Upon lighting, the initial aroma is of coffee and mocha. Many reviewers stated that even non-smokers enjoyed the aroma of the coffee-mocha blend. This stick doesn't pack an immediate punch, which took some reviewers by surprise. It blended smoothly from the first-third into the second-third. This is where the punch of flavor comes in with hints of spice. The burn is incredibly even on this stick which means one gets to really enjoy and savor the taste all the way to the end. It rounds itself off with a smooth, creamy finish which is the perfect way to end this amazing smoke. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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