The term Jacobs Ladder originates from the Old Testament of the bible. The prophet Jacob in search of has a dream in which he sees a ladder that reaches from the earth to the heavens, and he witnesses angels and even the lord himself descending the ladder. When Jacob awoke, he knew the land he had discovered the new home for him and his people in modern day Israel. When crafting his newest line, Southern Draw front man Robert holt took inspiration from this biblical tale. When you first light up this smoke, it is like seeing the face of God himself.

 This gem is hand rolled in Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of AJ Fernandez. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a burly Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch is what brings this cigar to the next level. It is cloaked with a rich and oily Broadleaf wrapper, the color of which is as black as night. Upon your first puff, you will enter a world of rich chocolate notes, along with hints of leather, nuts and cappuccino. Its smoke is silky smooth while its aroma is bold and rich.

 This is one of the best cigars released at this year’s trade show. Its combination of full body notes, yet a smooth and silly aroma makes it one of Southern draws best releases to date. When smoking the Ladder, do not be afraid if you begin to see visions of the heavens and other worlds, it is simply this beautiful cigar working its magic. Enjoy your Jacobs Ladder right now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Apr 27, 2018


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