J Fuego Origen Maduro CigarWith an eye-catching and classic band, the J Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars really shows how far the master craftsmanship of Jesus has come. Though it’s on the inexpensive side, critics agree that these can stand up next to any other in its price range. The origin of the product is Nicaraguan Colorado, flavor profile hovers around medium intensity - nothing too overpowering, and nothing too subtle.

The wrapper of these J Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars is a reddish-brown. There are plenty of veins running up and down the stick, but they are very fine and unobtrusive. There’s a good amount of oil on the wrapper as well, and no soft or hard spots are visible. This stogie feels great between the fingers, with a nice weight and balance, while the foot is appropriately packed to maintain its rigidity.

When it comes to the flavor profile, the first note that emerges for most people is the strong taste of dill. The foot compliments this with aromatic notes of slight spice, while the same strong dill elements sort of tickle the roof of the mouth. When lit, the smoker is treated to a variety of punchy spices before the flavor really develops into a unique combination of tastes.

The first third of the J Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars brings forth a variety of layers. Most notably, fresh herbal tones, which make these an ideal partner with some mild tea. There’s a slight sweetness present at this point of the burn as well, and slowly develops further the longer the smoke continues. The second third doesn’t disappoint either, with the aroma really coming into its own at this point. The sweetness from before begins to melds into something more reminiscent of chocolate, with some cedar tones joining the mix, as well as some tea-like flavor elements near the finish.

Continuing this cornucopia of eccentric ride of flavors, the final third of J Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars are laced with a well-defined licorice taste. Along with the licorice tones, there are slight hints of cedar and spice that merge quite well with the chocolate flavors present from before. Although the finish of the burn is on the dry side, it’s a very tasty one at least.

Burning through one of these is a pleasant experience, with a solid darker grey ash holding on well into the finish of the burn. Ash gets loose a bit on the final third, but it produces a nice volume of smoke and has a uniformly perfect draw. The aroma of J Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars are a real stand out, bringing forth images of herbal shops - something that does not come up often when smoking a stogie in this affordable price range.

Though the flavor combination is very different than most sticks out on the market, the question seems to be – is this a good or a bad thing? Aficionados are understandably quite mixed with this smoke, though a consumer would do well to toss this guy into a humidor and let the elements really meld together. Once it has time to age, its unique taste can truly be appreciated.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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