J Fuego Edicion De Familia CigarsThe J Fuego Edicion de Familia Cigar is just another example of the high quality of stogies that have come from the acclaimed company for nearly 20 years. Of Nicaraguan and Ecuadoran origin, this particular product has been lighting up the reviews of online critics who have grown accustomed to this line.

The stogie is adorned by two individual bands. The first is the traditional and primary band boasting the logo amongst the black leaf. The name of the stogie itself is written on the additional band, including the date of release. This is noteworthy as many bands tend to get in the way of the initial light, though this one does not according to many reviewers online.

The J Fuego Edicion de Familia Cigar wrapper has been described as rustic among many other things. There are a large amount of veins visible throughout the body of the stick and is mostly of a dark brown hue. Several bumps have also been described to exist across the body of the stogie as well. There’s also a fair amount of oil among the stick, though it maintains well in the hand. The aroma is mostly comprised of a light cedar smell accompanied with some light acidic tones.

The first third of the stogie creates a large amount of smoke which brings out a much stronger aroma than before. The flavor profile of the J Fuego Edicion de Familia Cigar begins to take shape at this point, with the previous tones of cedar becoming much more present, along with salt and peppery tones. The ash that’s generated from this stage in the stogie holds strong, while another main point is the absence of any nicotine flavor, with most of the flavors belonging to the strong cedar notes.

The second third has been described as the point of the burn where the flavors kick into overdrive when compared to the rest of the stogie. At this point, the ash also drops after clinging firmly throughout the previous third. The dominant flavor is still cedar, but other notes of char and a slight meatiness join the mix midway through. Also present is a slight hint of saltiness that serves up well next to the sweetness of the other flavors. Critics have described the burn line of the J Fuego Edicion de Familia Cigar to be nearly flawless up to this point, while the flavors are strong, but aren’t completely overpowering.

Reviewers stated that the final third of the stogie continues with the same flavor profiles from before. While cedar is again the most prominent flavor apparent during the burn, there are some nice earth tones that come in to perfectly compliment the woody flavors. The complexity of the flavor notes continues to the end of the burn, with most critics applauding the length at which the strength of the flavors maintains. The J Fuego Edicion de Familia Cigar is also lauded for its strong body, with the smoke becoming a perfect cool temperature near the end of the burn, which also remains sharp until the stick is completely out.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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