J Fuego Corojo No1Another great offering from the J.C. Newman Company are the J Fuego Corojo No. 1 cigars also known as the Gran Reserva. There is a bit of mystique that surrounds this smoke and its filler. It is known that one of the fillers is Ligero which comes from Nicaragua and Honduras, but there is another called Viso which comes from a place that isn’t disclosed. Sporting a binder from Costa Rica, this great smoke also has a Honduran wrapper which is richly red in color and described as rather oily.

The J Fuego Corojo No. 1 cigar is presented in a wrapper of cellophane just like all of his smokes are packaged as well. Once you remove the packaging, you will discover that there are some veins present but they are not that noticeable, and they certainly do not take away from this stick in the least. As with all of his products, he demands that they be completely packed with tobacco, and the J Fuego Corojo No. 1 cigars are no exception to this very important rule. You will notice that there is no sagging or soft spots throughout the body of this smoke.

Everything about J Fuego Corojo No. 1 cigars are the definition of a classy and premium product. As you light one of these premium cigars, you will notice that the draw is a little tighter than you would normally find, but it doesn’t seem to hamper the experience much. As you smoke it, the tightness dissipates. You will also note that the ash will hold quite a while, and it will remain thickly pale throughout the stick.

When you first light a J Fuego Corojo No. 1 cigar, you will notice slight notes of coffee flavoring as well as a gentle sweetness and a woodsy taste. You will also find a very enjoyable spicy flavor coming from the wrapper. This will linger through the first third or so of the stick. You will also enjoy a great deal of smoke.

As you get to the second third of the smoke, you will begin to lose the taste of the wrapper and the blend of tobacco itself will really make itself known. You will now notice that the coffee notes are stronger as are the sweet tastes, and now you will also find that the spiciness is getting much stronger. You will discover that, at about this point in the stick, you will be moving from a medium bodied smoke a more full bodied one. A slight hint of creaminess is also now present.

In the final third of the smoke, you are definitely aware that this has moved on to a completely full bodied stick. While you begin to lose the spiciness, you are gaining a woodsy and nutty flavor that tickles the palate. There is still a hint of sweetness that seems to tie it all together to finish off the smoke.

This one is an all-time favorite of reviewers and aficionados as well.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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