J Fuego 777 Corojo cigars have been presented to the public and brought back a resounding and simply victorious review from all who offered them.

Upon inspection of the smoke before lighting it, the wrapper looked as close to perfect as one could possibly be. There were no imperfections to be found. While there were a lot of veins in the wrapper, this did not seem to take anything away from the smoothness of it or its appearance, which was very acceptable to the eye.

The foot of the stick was very solid. There was no softness to note, and this is quite unusual for a lot of smokes that are on the market today. As a matter of fact, the tobacco was packed in so well that most reviewers were sure that there would be issues with the draw which turned out not to be the case.

J Fuego 777 CorojoWhile taking in the wrapper on a pre-light inspection, the J Fuego 777 Corojo cigar offered a very earthy note that was slight to almost nonexistent and a very sweet but light taste upon the pre-draw.

J Fuego 777 Corojo cigars lit easily and burned very well. They offered up a lighter ash that was very firm and held really well. There was no need for relighting except toward the end of the smoke, and the overall burn was described by most reviewers as being nearly perfect.

The J Fuego 777 Corojo cigar offered a pretty balanced and simplistic flavor profile. It began with a light earthy flavor with a hint of orange sweetness, and that note stayed with the smoke from the beginning to the end. There were also hints of a white peppery taste that kept coming and going throughout as well. The peppery spice began to dominate toward the end, and there was also a noticeable touch of cedar as well, although that earthy cedar note was not overpowering at all.

The wrapper on these J Fuego 777 Corojo cigars is a Brazilian Corojo that took three years to produce and perfect. These are the first offerings that will take advantage of this amazing wrapper. The filler is a Nicaraguan blend of tobacco. The strength is medium to full bodied, depending on who you talk to that is. Some reviewers say this is a full bodied smoke all the way, while others say it starts off more as a medium bodied stick and then leads into being full bodied.

Overall, these sticks earned very high marks among all of the reviewers and the aficionados as well. Everyone hails this master blender as one of the best in the business today and that this is something that shines true each time he introduces a new line.

With a Cuban heritage, an ancestry that is steeped in tobacco know-how and tradition, and an education that ended with mastering Agronomy in Havana, it is clear that this master blender will be producing more and more exciting smokes for us to enjoy for year to come.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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