J Fuego BelicosoJesus Fuego produces his J Fuego 777 cigar line at the Tabacos S.A. in Honduras. A Cuban born tobacco producer, his family also has many generations worth of experience in tobacco production. He attended college in Havana where he mastered in Agronomy, and used this degree to become more proficient at the post-harvest production of tobacco.

He came to Honduras where he worked with many other companies producing tobacco blends for other products, and in 2006 he began his own line of J Fuego 777 cigars. He began with just two different offerings, the Natural and the Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1. After that, he went on to create more lines including the Delirium, the 777 Corojo, the 777, the Origen, and the Sangre de Toro to name a few.

The J Fuego 777 cigar is a medium to full bodied offering. The wrapper is a deeper brown color and has very few veins that are noticeable. It is packed really well so there are no soft spots to mention. Upon smelling the foot and the wrapper, you can detect notes of spice and a rather woodsy type of aroma. Upon doing the pre-light draw, it was noticed that the same notes were present as were found on the foot and wrapper. The burn is even and only needs a couple of corrections which is great. The light gray ash will hold on for a while and will require a lot of effort just to tap it off. The smoke was abundant, and it was easy to draw upon without a lot of resistance.

In the first third of the J Fuego 777 cigars, you will notice a very prominent earthiness. It isn’t long until you find your way into the sweeter notes along with the sweet spiciness that eventually reveals itself. Towards the end of the first third, you will engage in a peppery type of spicy flavor that is rather enjoyable.

During the second third of the J Fuego 777 cigar, you will find more of the same as what you experienced in the first. The taste and flavor profile remain the same. The chocolaty spice and sweetness remained with very faint hints of pepper and earthy notes as well.

Once you reach the final third, the peppery notes begin to subside. The chocolate sweetness seems to dominate this final portion. Right at the end you will notice just a very tiny amount of the wood flavor coming back.

Most reviewers absolutely loved this smoke. They enjoyed the fact that this medium to full bodied offering was enjoyable for even the seasoned veteran but not so overpowering that a novice wouldn’t truly love it as well. The blends of tobacco seem to be the key to the success of this stick. They are very complex but blend well together to offer a simplistic smoke that has a flavor profile that will please any palate. Aficionados all agree that this is one of the must have smokes to include in your humidor to share with friends.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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