Its A Girl Cigar!Alec Bradley American Classic Baby Births cigars are a great gift for the new dad or mom if she is an enthusiast herself. These are made from the highly praised boutique and premium cigar maker Alec Bradley with the same quality as all of their other offerings. These are fine cigars and priced perfectly for a gift. They are made with the same blend as the acclaimed Classic stick, so the purchaser can feel confident about giving these to even discerning aficionados.

They are offered in “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” boxes, appropriately packaged in either blue or pink. On the outside of the box is a place to put a picture of the new little one, and on the inside there is a place to write down all the vital statistics like date, weight, and name. Both Boy and Girl options offer the same 6 x 50 gauged stick. They are available as a single purchase or in a pack of twenty which is sold in a commemorative box. Its A Boy Cigar!

The Alec Bradley American Classic Baby Births cigars origin is Honduran. Both the filler and binder are made of the same blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The wrapper is Connecticut Shade from Honduras. These are really well constructed sticks with minimal veins. The wrapper is a warm golden brown which compliments either the blue or pink label that is placed on them. The people who have enjoyed these have stated how surprised they were by the quality for the price. They truly expected to pay at least double based on the enjoyable smoking experience they had.

The full of flavor Alec Bradley American Classic Baby Births cigars are considered to be a mild to medium body smoke. However, several reviewers noted that towards the middle of the smoke it ramped up in intensity to almost a full body. It was also mentioned that if this was the first smoke of the day, it may be considered by some to be more on the medium to full body offering. It starts off on the lighter side and very smooth.

There are flavors of cedar, nuts, and cream. Predominate flavors are of dark chocolate and espresso with hints of spice. Towards the second third the Alec Bradley American Classic Baby Births cigars flavors become darker and more complex. The boldness begins to get more intense as well. Some reviewers noted bitterness, but the bitterness was considered a nice addition to the overall flavors. Towards the end of the smoke the tastes seem to mellow some which makes the overall experience end on a high note.

With the construction being so solid with this stick, the burn remains even throughout the entirety of the smoke. The ash holds tight and is a light salt and pepper color.

Overall, the Alec Bradley American Classic Baby Births cigars are quickly becoming acclaimed in the cigar smoking world and are an easy choice when it comes to announcing the birth of a new baby to family and friends in the waiting room or at the office.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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