This might be going off the deep end a little early in my blog writing career but a couple factors have led to this topic resurfacing. Those of you who already know me understand where this is about to go. It�s not a sexual thing, it�s not weird. It feels right and very normal in my opinion. I have a HUGE man crush on Tom Selleck. There it is and now the whole world knows it. I don�t care. Make fun if you want but by the end of this, you might very well have a little crush yourself. Tom Selleck is a bad ass. He has it all! He can play the tough guy. He can play the sensitive guy. He can play everything in between. He is physically fit, great looking, smooth as silk and can get any woman he wants. Think of him back in the Magnum PI days, running around in that red Ferrari solving the islands problems all the while hanging with the fellas and still making time for some of the special gals around town. In 3 Men and a Baby he had to work with his buddies to raise a sweet little baby. What could be nicer than that? On Friends, he scored one of the hottest women in the world, Courtney Cox. Who else could have done that? No one, I say. Definitely not that goober Chandler� He currently is the boss man on Blue Bloods where is shows all of his skills from his strong ethics to his fatherly compassion. He is ageless. He looks like he did back in the 80s. His mustache is as strong as ever. Oh, and did I mention, he smokes cigars every day? Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robustos from what I have heard. Sounds like perfect bromance material to me! The closest I ever came to meeting him was when the NRA was in town. We had the Big Wigs hanging at our lounges after hours and they were going to bring Tom over but it never happened. Maybe someday he will walk into one of our stores and I�ll be there to help him. Hopefully I don�t act like a silly schoolboy.

POSTED ON Feb 20, 2019


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