Electronic Cigarette vapor is less toxic which allows e-smokers to smoke more places.Electronic cigarette vapor is an alternative to traditional tobacco smoke that produces less noticeable second hand effects. This is important in today’s society, where tobacco regulations now ban traditional tobacco products in bars, restaurants and many other public places. Smokers spending some time in these areas have to leave if they want to light one up, making for a big hassle. One of the major benefits of using an alternative smoking device is to avoid this hassle. The heavy regulation that has barred tobacco from many public places has not affected alternative devices, because they are considered safer and produce fewer odors than tobacco smoke.

These devices use a combination of water, propylene glycol, nicotine and a few other additives. This e-liquid produces smoke that, compared to traditional tobacco, is much safer for people around the smoker. This has been confirmed in a study produced by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. During the study, researchers used smoking machines and human volunteers to measure the chemicals present in second hand smoke produced by alternative devices. What the research team found was that these devices produce more nicotine, but none of the dangerous, toxic chemicals that tobacco smoke normally contains. This makes electronic cigarette vapor much safer to be around. Additional research is being done on the smoke these devices produce, but the initial results are encouraging.

Alternative smoking devices are built with either a two-piece design or a three-piece design. Two-piece designs consist of a rechargeable battery connected to a disposable cartridge. The cartridge also includes an atomizer that heats the liquid up and converts it into vapor that can be easily inhaled. A three-piece design also comes with a rechargeable battery, but includes a standalone reusable atomizer in addition to a cartridge or solution reservoir. The atomizers found in three-piece designs are generally superior to those in two-piece models and provide more consistent performance.

How much nicotine the device produces will depend, to some extent, on the nicotine concentration in the cartridge. Like traditional tobacco products, these devices come in a variety of nicotine concentrations, depending on the cartridge connected to the device. They range from zero nicotine (perfect for smokers who have recently quit and just enjoy the taste) to extra strong (normally greater than 18 milligrams per cartridge). How much nicotine is in the electronic cigarette vapor will depend somewhat on what cartridge is connected to the unit. If a smoker wants to reduce the amount of nicotine in second hand smoke, then they should consider opting for lighter cartridges.

Fortunately, odor is not a major concern for people who use alternative smoking devices. Most manufacturers produce a number of flavors that are actually quite pleasant to others. Flavors like cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and mint are just a few options that most people are usually okay with. This makes blending in with nonsmokers easier in most settings. This additional convenience means a smoker can enjoy their time out without fear of bothering others.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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