A premium electronic cigar is more reliable and easier to clean and maintain.A premium electronic cigarette should come with a combination of performance, versatility and reliability, and Serious Cigars offers several devices that fit this bill. The company supplies five different device brands, including the Fifty One, the Krave, the Ploom, the Square 52 and the Vapor Gen. Serious Cigars also offers a generic brand that compares favorably to name brand devices. Each model is built with high quality parts and can be applied with a variety of flavors to enhance the experience. These devices are an increasingly popular choice among smokers as they can be taken into places that standard smokes cannot.

What makes each premium electronic cigarette brand a smart choice for a smoker?

Each brand that Serious Cigars offers are highly affordable compared to most other brands. Because the industry is still so young, there is a huge price range for these devices and some starter kits can cost much more than a smoker should have to pay. The Krave, Ploom and Vapor Gen can all be used with affordable starter kits that don’t sacrifice performance for price. Replacement cartridges, liquids and batteries, are also more affordable compared to most brands so a smoker won’t have to empty their wallet to find the right device.

A Premium E-cigarette Offers Reliability and Performance As Well As Easy Maintenance

Affordability is just one element, though, and doesn’t mean much without performance. Fortunately, each device is built with high quality parts that ensure a smooth smoking experience. Some models use disposable cartridges that combine the atomizer with the flavor cartridge. The Vapor Gen, however, uses a three piece design that comes with a reusable atomizer and flavor reservoir. Three piece devices generally perform better than other designs as the atomizer tends to be built better than other designs. These devices use Vapor Gen’s e-liquids to provide the flavoring and pour into the device’s liquid reservoir.

Each premium electronic cigarette brand that Serious Cigars offers requires minimal maintenance to keep going. Some are completely disposable and can be discarded once the device is exhausted. Others come with a rechargeable battery that can provide hundreds of charges before it needs to be replaced. The Vapor Gen and other three piece models only need an occasional cleaning in the reservoir and atomizer area to maintain proper functioning. This maintenance is easy to perform and only takes a brief amount of time.

What kinds of flavors are supported with each brand?

Brands vary significantly in how many flavors they support with their devices. Most offer a small handful of tobacco flavors that can resemble various tobacco blends, like Middle Eastern or Virginia style. Most brands also support a few different menthol flavors, like peppermint, spearmint or mint tea. Beyond tobacco and menthol flavors, brands can support a huge variety of other flavors. Fruit flavors like orange, grape, cherry and strawberry are popular, as are flavors that resemble spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. Vapor Gen offers all of these flavors in addition to some unique blends, like vanilla, chocolate, pina colada and a few varieties of liquor.


The top-flight brands that Serious Cigars offers are popular and respected among aficionados. With their wide range of flavors and excellent performance, these devices can provide a new take on smoking.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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