Padilla Vintage Reserve Cigars Online For SaleThe Padilla Vintage Reserve cigars are a line of smokes in their Hybrid series. The stogies are distinctive in both flavor and style. The tobaccos that comprise these fine sticks originated on the large Cuban farms of Alfredo and Silvio Perez. They founded the farm in Ecuador which has over five thousand acres which produce exceptionally fine tobacco as well as the renowned and distinctive Nicaraguan ligero. Ligero is the tobacco leaf found at the tip of each tobacco plant, used mainly for its incredible flavoring. This one-of-a-kind brand was inspired by Ernesto Padilla who hand rolled this particular variety producing a renowned claro. He designed it to be an extraordinary limited release from tip to nub.

This singular stogie starts with a heavy mix of Cuban-seed Corojo filler which has been aged for a minimum of three years before being used in the Padilla Vintage Reserve cigars. Once aged to perfection, it is packed into a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and sealed to create an exquisite medium to full body stogie. It comes in three different lengths with the longest being 7.0” x 50, the smallest being 5.0” x 54, and the medium length coming in at 6.5” x 52. Production of each vitola is limited with only five hundred boxes of each set to be released for purchasing.

The perfectly-aged tobaccos used in the Padilla Vintage Reserve cigars create a captivating blend of flavors. Aficionados can expect to taste hints of coffee beans and molasses. Both flavors, though sometimes overwhelming to new enthusiasts, come together perfectly to create a smooth, rich taste that gives the stogie a good kick. The rare Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper furnishes an appealing color to the smoke. The reddish-brown hue enhances the elegance of the smoke. With such an exquisite look and even better taste what cigar smoking enthusiast wouldn’t want to try this variety of stogie?

The line is so new not many reviews have been written yet, however local newspapers have stated that these sticks are an excellent addition to the Hybrid series. This newest arrival comes in three different sizes: Robusto, Churchill, and Torpedo. Because so few are being made, each will be labeled with an identifying serial number and barcode. The word is already out that this limited series should be recommended to all. Small quantities can mean a high value of quality and excellence.

Padilla Vintage Reserve cigars are produced by the Oliva Cigar Company in the United States and distributed throughout the States as well as to international countries. The business has been producing high quality stogies since 1995 and has enjoyed an upstanding reputation from the very beginning. They take pride in creating boutique smokes of exceptional quality and value, and have produced some of the highest rated stogies in the entire industry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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