Kristoff GC Signature Series Cigars Visiting the Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars introduces the smoker to a highly rated, inexpensive stogie. The binder has its origin in a Honduran seed, and the rich wrapper is a Brazilian Maduro favorite. The combination of fine filler tobaccos from Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican seeds are an exceptional complement to one another. With the low price tag this stogie is sure to find its way into numerous personal humidors across the globe.

First impressions are important and smokers have been delighted with this cigar. This stogie is virtually seamless with a dark chocolate wrapper that is oily and looks almost wet. There are some nice medium sized veins to play with the fingertips, and the pre-light draw was said to be a mixture of earthy tones and dark coffee. That pre-light draw offers up a tolerable resistance.

Reviewers said the first third of these Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars is superb with a flavor of sweet peppers and coffee. The aroma is pleasant and not overpowering, filling the room with a fresh woodsy appeal. The ash holds firm for about 2 inches before falling, but it is not unexpected. The feel of the smoke on the palate is not too dry or too moist, ensuring it does not cause any dryness in the mouth.

Transitioning into the second third elicits a nice cedar flavor. The complexity picks up a bit with the main flavor, switching every now and then between a sweet pepper, coffee, mocha, and cedar. Towards the end the flavors meld together to generate a wonderful flavor blend. The crispness definitely gets the smoker’s attention with a slight tingle on the tongue and cheek.

Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars have an interesting flavor in the final third and the transition is as seamless as the wrapper. The reviews stated that the cedar flavor dissipates, yet there is still a woodsy flavor that is almost indescribable. They said there is a final gambit through a peppery spice, coffee and mocha before the nub. There is nothing to leave the smoker parched, and the experience is going to be remembered for quite some time.

The body strength ranges from medium to full, according to the third. As the body strength is often subjective, this is often rated highly when it comes to great middle ground sticks that are not too strong or too weak. They are ideal for any time of day or night. The complexity is interesting and ensures the attention of the smoker is maintained. Even the affordable price tag is ideally suited to getting people to enjoy a high quality stogie without spending an arm and a leg. Reviewers have nothing but great things to say about these Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars.

It can often times be difficult to find a great stick at an exceptional price. The Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars have discovered the secret of ensuring a great smoking experience that won’t cut into the children’s college fund. The interesting switching of flavors gives the smoker something to appreciate with each puff of the stogie. Stock up quick because these have been going rather quickly, especially since the ratings have been so high.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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