Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan Cigar ReviewUnveiled at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando, the Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan is an extension of the brand's original Timeless line-up. While the latter was created in the Dominican Republic at the MATASA factory the Nicaraguan puro is produced in where else, but Esteli, Nicragua at Nestor Plasencia's Segovia Cigars factory. While many similarities exist between the lines, the latest medium to full bodied Nicaraguan is a unique example of what this multi-generation brand is capable of. 

Nat Sherman may have landed in the cigar industry by chance due to a gambling debt in the 1920s, but his skills and leadership abilities led to substantial growth over the years. While his first namesake cigar was released during the 1930s, there were many more to come. By the 1960s and 70s, manufacturing expanded to include plastic tip cigars, cigarettes, and even its own pipe tobacco. New retail locations and larger production space were necessary. Following Nat's passing in 1990, his son Joel who had been estranged from his father took the reins and was soon joined by third generation Shermans; Bill, Michelle, and Larry. Now with 80 years under its belt the family owned business continues to produce high quality blends and cater to its cherished customers worldwide. Its flagship store, the "townhouse" is located in the heart of New York City on 42nd Street near Fifth Avenue where it houses over 500,000 stogies, a walk-in humidor, and a classy smoking room. 

The Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan is just one of those smokes that can be found among the brand's inventory. It can be found in three distinct box pressed sizes; the 452 (4 x 52), 556 (5 x 56), and 660 (6 x 60). Packed in black boxes of 21, the smoke is made up entirely of Nicaraguan tobaccos and shares the same band with its parent cigar. Made by MATASA , it is backed with yellow and displays Nat Sherman in a circular arrangement. Similar to a clock face there is a red hand and "NYC 1930" in the middle to represent where it all began. Accents of gold, brown, and black can visible throughout. 

Upon first inspection, the exterior skin is a medium reddish brown with minimal veining. The smooth surface is oil-free and is said to smell of sweet lumber and organic tobacco. The cold draw is described as giving off additional flavors such as leather and freshly cut grass. A fruity hint is also detected. 

Once ignited the abundance of flavor is immediately apparent. Those reviewing this stogie agree the first-third is sweet and woodsy with touches of tobacco, chocolate, floral, and spice. While diverse, it is said to bring a nice balance of flavor from the get go. There is an ample amount of silky smoke, and the burn is flawless and the ash stands strong at this point. The middle third is said to bring the flowery flavors out a bit stronger, and the hints of spicy tobacco and lumber continue. Lemon and rawhide are detected at moments, but do not stick around. Reviewers agree that the smoke is in the medium strength arena with a peppery retrohale. The last third of the experience is said to carry on the rich mix of flavors. Fresh tobacco and spiciness are still accompanied by a balance of nature; soil, wood, and flowers. The sweet citrus notes have subsided. By the finale, the Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan is described as full bodied while not overpowering. The burn is even, and the draw is ideal, giving off a cool, velvety smoke. The deep grey ash is said to have held strong at the tip. Those lucky enough to enjoy this stogie agree that the construction is superior and the blend complex, yet pleasing to the taste buds.

In the company's mission statement, they strive to be proud of the high quality products they provide and those behind the scenes. They also continuously work to improve the overall impression of the brand. This smoke is an excellent example of what they have set out to do.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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