Rocky Patel Cigars are excellently crafted premium cigars.Rocky Patel Cigars were founded in the mid-1990s by Rakesh Patel, though the brand was originally known as Indian Tabac. The brand’s first name was derived from its initial blend that introduced a new wave of flavors to the market. The company grew slowly in the following years, but really took off after Rakesh rebranded the company in 2002 and gave it its current name.

Since 2002, the highly respected brand has released a number of successful blends and have received some of the highest scores available in stogie publications. The company’s success can be attributed to meticulous processes that start with tobacco planting.

How does Rocky Patel produce premium cigars that are sought after among enthusiasts?

Long before the blends are created and the stogies rolled, Rocky ensures all of his plants are given the best possible environment to grow. Prior to planting, soil samples are taken and measured for nitrogen, magnesium, and other essential elements for tobacco growth. With sampling, the brand can make sure they only place their tobacco in the best fields.

However, the tobacco is not planted directly into the field, but is instead fostered in a nursery until it is ready to handle the rigors of the fields. Each nursery consists of thousands of plants that are germinated under finely maintained settings. Once the plants have shown enough healthy growth, they are gently removed and placed in the fields.

When producing blends, most companies mix tobacco leaves by their position on the plant. The top is known as the ligero, the middle is known as the seco, and the bottom is called the volado. Combining these parts of the plant in various ways can produce a number of flavors. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars take this a step further and separate the plant in to multiple “primings.” Each plant has seven or eight primings, and by using this system, the manufacturer can better standardize its quality and manufacturing processes.

What stogies were recently released by the company and what is on the horizon?

In 2013, the company released six lines, the same number it released in 2012. These include the Royale, the Platium, the Bold, the Rapture, the Sheffield (in honor of the former great baseball player Gary Sheffield), and the Ray Lewis (in honor of former NFL great Ray Lewis).

There aren’t too many details known about 2014 releases yet, but the company has confirmed it is releasing a limited edition version of its popular II-XXVI to celebrate Rakesh’s birthday. The initial shipping date was on March 30th, and it is available in three vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Robusto Grande (5 x 58) and Toro (6 1/2 x 52). It is only available in limited quantities, so aficionados will need to track it down soon if they hope to try the newest stogies coming out of this prestigious cigar maker.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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