Illusione CigarsThe history of Illusione is truly impressive, indeed. 

The company was founded with one thing in mind—to recreate the flavor, character, and quality of pre-Sandinista Nicaraguan tobacco.  This was necessary, because the Sandinistas had a terrible impact on the cigar industry.  Previously fertile fields fell fallow, followed by years of painful neglect.

Fortunately for this big beautiful world of ours, this was not irreversible.  The cigar master grower Arcenio Ramos of Cuba arrived in Nicaragua just in time to re-cultivate the legendary fields of the Jalapa Valley and the Esteli region.  His partners in enterprise, Chandito and Cuban agronomist Jacinto, form an impeccable team of cigar makers that have resurrected the old fields to their former glory.

Every Illusione is made from first generation Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 seed tobaccos.  Everyone is wrapped in Café Colorado wrappers and triple-capped in the old Cuban style.  This makes this brand a favorite of veteran smokers who still favor the old Cuban blends, and also a rising favorite of new smokers.

In 2007, Illusione was rated number 7 cigar of the year in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25.   

There are a many blends from which to choose. 


This is a medium to full-bodied Illsuione cigar.  It tastes of spice and earth, and it has a long finish.  Cigar Aficionado rated it at 91.

4/2 G

This is a full body cigar by Illusione with a mature character.

Cigar Aficionado gave this cigar a 91.  


This is another full bodied cigar that gives an earthy taste which is also somewhat peppery and sweet.

The "68" scored a 92 with Cigar Aficianado.


This has been called a perfectly balanced smoke by many.  It has a medium to full bodied strength.

The F9 scored a 90.


This Illusione tastes of leather and spice.  It is also rich with a flavor of Earth and is noted for its medium to full bodied strength.

The scored a 90 with Cigar Aficianado.


This is called a social smoke.  It has a mild to medium strength that is rich in character.


Also called the white horse, this Illusione has been called clean, bold, bright, and superbly complete.

Cigar Aficianado rated the CG4 at a 92.


This is called the Majestic, and it has tastes of leather, cinnamon, and a long finish that make it a classic connoisseur’s cigar.


This Illusione has a sweet, soulful taste of earth.


Known also as the Dark Prince, this cigar is balanced and elegant.  It has a complex, progressive strength that makes for an absolutely fine cigar.

Cigar Aficianado scored the "1" at an 89.


This is a classic cigar for connoisseurs.  It has hints of leather, cinnamon, and a long finish.  There is a sweet touch to it as well due to the high caliber of Viso used in this Illusione blend.


Short for the Holy Lance, you can expect a rich floral and something of a mild exotic spicy aroma and a good, comfortable, medium finish on the palate.


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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