Origin:  Nicaraguan                                                                    Binder:  Habano Connecticut

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan                                                                Strength:  Medium to Full

Filler:  Nicaraguan      


Illusione Nosotros CigarWith the recent debut of the Illusione Nosotros cigars at the 2009 IPCPR in New Orleans, the buzz of this new smoke quickly set the hearts of faithful cigar lovers on fire with anticipation.  This stick was created as a result of a joint venture between the Illusione mastermind Dion Giolito and Drew Estate’s Jonathan Drew.  Although it is listed as an Illusione brand cigar, it is rolled at the Drew Estates facilities in Nicaragua.  Dion Giolin revealed that the whole idea came to be after a meeting with Jonathan Drew on a trip to Nicaragua.  Jonathan Drew presented Giolin with a variety of new tobaccos and blends, which led to a partnership that has produced a full-bodied cigar that packs a gradual punch straight to the palate of the connoisseur’s mouth.  Regardless of who receives the most credit, the Illusione Nosotros definitely fits in among the best in class. 


The first thing one might notice is the beautiful and almost flawless brown color with a diminutive reddish undertone. The wrapper is very clean and uniform from head to foot with only a few petite veins visible.  Firmly packed without any soft spots, the Illusione Nosotros is almost completely without irregularities.  The cap is tightly set with a typical earthy aroma seeping from the wrapper of the exposed foot with notes of cedar; however, it is moderately mild.  For those with a trained sense, the foot offers even greater rewards.  Sweet bran notes reminiscent of a honey and nut cereal pierces through the dominant earthy aromas, leaving one with a delicious aroma on which to meditate during the smoke. 


Before discussing the smoke qualities, it is first important to note the ease with which this cigar can be set to fire.  After such an effortless light, the Illusione Nosotros produces a steady stream of smoke, which colors the mouth and tongue with a strapping tingling sensation.  This cigar generates a thin smoke line and emits a modest amount of smoke while at rest.  The personality of this cigar in regards to burn have been well received and highly praised, especially for the lovely aroma left behind. 


Adding to the stellar performance of the burn, the distinct flavors of this cigar are worth noting as well.  The unique blend of walnut and hazelnut complimented by a robust wood presence will send the Nosotros aficionado off to another world.  Soon after the first light a touch of spice is introduced and prepares one’s palate for a second round of gingerbread.  These spices by nature restore the spirit and spread cheer, which adds to the enjoyable qualities of the cigar.  Finally, during the final third, a dramatic punch of pure Nicaraguan tobacco power makes for superb ending to a brilliantly designed smoke. 


Overall, the Illusione Nosotros is quickly becoming the new medium-bodied sensation among a diverse group of cigar lovers.  Although the flavors are very rich and complex, it is truly a cigar built for anyone.  This cigar performs well and has already acquired a solid reputation to accompany its refreshing qualities. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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