Where To Find Illusione Cruzado Cigar Reviews OnlineIllusione Cruzado was a first-rate line of cigars created by tobacco dealer Dion Giolito in Honduras in 2008. Customers that have used this brand have praised it for the rich flavors and durability.


The Illusione Cruzado originated from Giolito’s original Illusione line, using both Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. While its predecessor is made up of the ligero tobacco leaf, Cruzados contains a lower section of the plant known as Viso. This reduces the spicy flavor. The tobacco blend used in the wrapper is mainly Criollo with only a hint of the Corojo blend. Giolito claims that this difference in substance provides not only a milder smoking experience, but also a forward taste.


Customers cannot help but take time to admire the body of the cigar before smoking it. It is designed with a rounded triple cap and a medieval coat of arms on the band. The overall smooth wrapping is tightly packed, reducing any soft spots or bumps. This prevents the body from falling apart throughout the smoking experience. The line usually comes in 20 cigars per box. Seven different sizes are available: the originals (5 ¾ x 40), Avalitos (4 x 46), Dantes (4 x 48), Domenicos Extras (6 x 56), Elitas (6 x 44), Marelas Supremas (6 ½ by 52), and Marios (7 x 47). 


Another notable feature of the cigar is its scent. User reviews have described it as a pleasurable mixture of chocolate, spices, and leather. It provides a wider variety of flavors once it is lit, especially upon the first few draws. The smoker can initially taste oak, espresso, stronger spices, and black pepper. One review claimed that there was also an underlying bit of caramel, which gives a sweet and tangy first impression. At the same time, it produces substantial smoke without the smoker having to try so hard.  


The average smoking time is an hour and forty-five minutes, divided into three main sections of the cigar. Although the pleasurable flavors from the first part of the cigar fade slightly in the second, the lessening of the black pepper will make smoking easier on the user. It is also enhanced by additional flavors of dry leaves and peanuts. However, things take a creamier turn in the final section of this medium-bodied cigar, when the vanilla coffee flavors are the most noticeable to the smoker. Customers will happily finish it to the very end without any bitter aftertaste.


The Illusione Cruzado is a well-constructed and flavorful cigar. Despite the higher price, smokers will find that the quality is worth their money.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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