Origin:  Nicaraguan                                                                    Binder:  Nicaraguan

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan (Grade One Café Colorado)                      Strength:  Medium to Full

Filler:  Nicaraguan                                                                       

Illusione Classic CigarThe inspiration for creating the Illusione Classic line of cigars comes from the desire to travel back in time and capture specific tastes from the past.  In 1979, the Sandinistas took control of Nicaragua, which was producing some of the most elite tobaccos in the world, as well as a superb line of bold, clean cigars.  However, the tobacco fields quickly became less of a priority and the loss of supremacy followed on course.  Years later, the notorious Arcenio Ramos of Cuba teamed up with Fernano, Chandito, and Jacinto to rejuvenate the fields and began prepping the land for maximum harvesting potential once again.  Although the brand has become hugely successful, Illusione Classic cigars are still made in small quantities to ensure the same quality and consistency of the preceding lines. 

From the beginning, this cigar stands out from the rest by simply being.  With untouchable craftsmanship, the Illusione Classic sports an impeccable foil wrapper, which assists in aging and protecting the stick similar to the way a cellophane wrapper would keep it fresh.  The excitement builds as the shiny layer is peeled away from the deep Grade One Café Colorado wrapper.  With few visible veins, there are no physical defects that would sound the alarm on near perfection. 

Before introducing fire to it, the scent of coffee and molasses permeate the air and compliment a firm, but near perfect draw of leathery tobacco.  After setting fire, the smooth tobacco flavor presents itself along with a rich nutty flavor that consistently remains throughout.  Taking a moment to savor the flavors allows the connoisseur the advantage of uncovering these underlying treasures, whereas, a fast smoke might easily pass them by and miss the full experience of enjoying this cigar.   

Upon entering the second third, notes of cinnamon and floral sweetness pair together to highlight the contrasting leather undertones.  An even and slow burn allows the smoke to mature and reveal a bit of spiciness coupled with a distinct pocket of caramel. Elaborating a bit, the burn lasts much longer than many might anticipate given the diminutive size of the Illusione Classic.  In fact, this cigar has proven to stay lit throughout fairly pronounced periods of inactivity, which is a certain advantage. 

Finally, as the smoke comes to an end the originally nutty flavor strengthens and brings a hint of coffee along to finish it off.  By this point, the caramel flavor gradually disappears and fades away.  Meanwhile, a touch of bitterness emerges although it is not enough to affect the essence of the creamy delight across the tongue. 

Given that the flavors that make up this cigar are not necessarily complex, they are sophisticated and captivating to aficionados everywhere.  Overall, the Illusione Classic is definitely on the short list of favorites in the Illusione family.  The care and determination to uncover the past will please the palates of novice and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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