Illusione cigarsThe intention behind Illusione Cigars has always been to recreate a superb and very specific taste from the Nicaraguan past.  As we all know, Nicaragua grew some of the very best tobacco in the world before the Sandinista revolution in 1979. 

This was especially true for tobacco that which was grown in the Jalapa Valley and Esteli parts of the country.  Both of these areas were known for producing cigars with a bold, clean taste.  Communist rule resulted in years of neglect, however, and almost all of the original glory of the region faded in both notoriety and in quality. 

However, this all changed when Arcenio Ramos of Cuba moved to Nicaragua and re-cultivated these fields with the partnership of Fernano, Chandito, and Cuban agronomist Jacinto.  This outstanding team has since resurrected the productivity of these acres back to their full productive potential. 

Today, every Illusione cigars is made using first generation Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 seeds.  Each Illusione is with Café Colorado wrapper and highly touted for its superb taste and aroma of smoke.  All of these premium cigars are manufactured in small quantities in order to maintain strict adherence to quality control and consistency.

Illusione cigars have quickly become some of the most highly sought after cigars on today’s market.  This is due to the fact that each and every one of them is hand-made in the Raices Cubanas factory.  They are also triple capped in the old Cuban style, and they are something of a contemporary classic. 

In spite of the fact that they are new to the market, they have already become established in the world of premium cigars.  In 2007, Cigar Aficionado named them the seventh best cigar of the year. 

There are three lines of Illusione cigars.

The first of these is the original.  It is a dark colored cigar that has flavors of spice, cedar, leather, and wood.  At the finish, the cigar is also sweet and nutty, and this works to balance out the other, stronger flavors.  This is also a strong blend of all Nicaraguan tobacco (filler, binder, and wrapper) that is intended for the experienced cigar smoker with a fully developed palate for a strong, full-body smoke.

In 2009, the next two lines of Illusione cigars were launched: the Epernay, and the Cruzado.

The Epernay comes in four different sizes.  Each cigar is made using a blend of Criollo and Corojo tobaccos wrapped in a Café Rosado wrapper.  It is complex to the taste buds, and it is characterized by an array of flavors that include coffee, honey, and a creamy finish.  

The Illusione Cruzado also has a medium flavor that is balanced by a Criollo wrapper enclosing a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler and a Nicaraguan binder.

Although many claim that the past is gone forever, and that it is never possible to reclaim what has been lost to history, Illusione proves this them wrong.  When you light up one of these cigars, you are enjoying the best of yesteryear brought forward into the present time. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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