Origin:  Nicaraguan                                                        Binder:  Nicaraguan

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan                                                    Strength:  Medium to Full

Filler:  Nicaraguan                                                         

Illusione Churchillo Cubano CigarGiven the tough economic times many are facing right now, finding a cigar that is up to par on a frugal budget can present a huge challenge.  The Illusione Chuchillos Cubanos has just leveled the playing field and brought forth a whole new set of expectations for the aficionado living on a budget.  This cigar brings tremendous flavor to the table in an affordable little package that can be taken on the go at any time.  The Chuchillos Cubanos line is definitely a great choice for an everyday smoke. 

Like all Illusione cigars, the Illusione Chuchillos Cubanos is perfectly constructed and exhibits a feel of total sophistication and class.  Each stick is a 60/40 blend of both long and medium filler, which are available in four different sizes.  These cigars are sold in packs, with each consisting of five cigars, except for the ~47~, which comes in a pack of four.  A connoisseur will find these cigars unbanded and enclosed in a brisk white box, embellished with a double-headed eagle.  One can easily purchase a set of sticks for under $20 total. 

Because Illusione Chuchillos Cubanos cigars are completely crafted by hand by some of the best tabaqueros, the superiority of their construction is extremely impressive.  The wrapper is a reddish brown, silky, grade A coverleaf that appears rustic with prominent veins.  In keeping with the Illusione style, each cigar is solidly rolled without any visible seams and topped off with a triple cap that defines perfection.   

Armed with a double binder, the Illusione Chuchillos Cubanos ignites without a hitch and provides copious amounts of white smoke, which captivates its audience with a pleasant hickory aroma.  This petite stick lands a powerful nicotine punch right from the start that shows no mercy until the smoke clears.  Immediately after setting fire, a dominant earthy flavor takes center stage.  Soon after, a toasty, bread-like flavor is introduced right before notes of pepper are uncovered.  Crossing over into the second third of the cigar, a stout shot of cocoa and toasted marshmallows enter into the dynamic.  Notes of coffee can also be detected just as quickly upon entering the final third of the smoke.  A woodsy reminder of the beginning earthy notes reappears with a long finishing touch of rich cocoa. 

By design the Illusione Chuchillos Cubanos is a stellar cigar that is made to accommodate the busy lifestyles of today all the while keeping in line with the first class standards set by Dion Giolito.  These cigars would be paired well with a morning espresso break or as an after lunch delight.  On the other hand, given the notes of marshmallows and cocoa, lighting one of these rods alongside a campfire while on vacation would also provide for a picture perfect moment to sit back, relax, and take it all in.  No matter what path one might choose to go down with this cigar in hand, the connoisseur can rest in knowing that getting there will be a breeze with such a convenient little addition.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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