Ideas for gift baskets for men, especially those containing stogies, are soon to become a hot topic as the holiday season rolls around. Plenty of women might be stuck on ideas for presents for their husbands or boyfriends, or they might be trying to think of something different than another round of tickets to that favorite sports team event that they always seem to fall back on. Instead, there may be an easy solution with this option. Most of the women involved with a boyfriend or spouse are going to know if he is a smoker. If he smokes cigars, what could be a better idea for a gift basket for men than one that includes a sampling of all of his favorite stogies? There are all sorts of ways the she could personalize it, including wrapping it in team colors, or even including those tickets inside the basket (after making plans to be busy that day). Whatever she decides on for the presentation, the present idea itself can be ideal. Including some premium sticks may be an additional bonus, if he would not otherwise tend to want to spend that much money on his habit. 

Everyone knows the effect that smoking can have on the overall odor of a room. If she is concerned about the smells from the offerings in the gift, she can include a La Tee Da or other fragrance lamp as part of that ideal gift basket for men that she is making. This way she can be sure to make the love of her life’s eyes light up at the sight of the present, but not have to wince at the sight of him about to light up. Depending on what his preferences are, she could make up the present as a sampler selection, with one or two of a large number of smokes, or she might choose a box or two of his very favorite sticks. If she is not exactly sure of the actual brand names of his preferred stogies she could always consider getting a gift card from a cigar shop instead.

Choosing these types of presents for gift baskets for men does not have to be limited to a personal present. Corporate presents could always include these types of things as well. In this case, there may be more or less money spent on the gift, and the company should probably take the time to recognize that a spot on choice when it comes to picking some everyday smokes might be a better option than even an unknown premium stick. Of course, there are any number of smokers who would jump at the chance to try a premium stogie, no matter which it was, so it all depends on the individual recipient. If anyone in the company has a personal relationship with the client or customer, it would be wise to see if some information regarding presents that might be appreciated could be gleaned from them. Personalized attention can go a long way in the business world, and a present of this type that captures the essence of the person’s preferences is all but the very definition of a perfect gift basket for men.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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