H Upmann Black & GoldH Upmann Black Gold cigars have a very inviting and billowing flavor of spiciness with a hint of a nutty note, later developing a woodsy, earthy tone. This makes for a very exciting smoke for any level of cigar smoking connoisseur. The H Upmann Black Gold as well as all Upmann brands chronicle back to the mid 1800's, specifically 1844, when the German banker, Herman Upmann generated his banking firm with promotional items for his then-successful banking firm. These promotional gift ideas were his now famous line of cigars, but at that point they had not reached this level of popularity. Mr. Upmann would be very proud to see how highly respected the cigars he created are today.

The H Upmann Black Gold brand of sticks, once first ignited, has a splendid flavor of nutty spice, and then develops into a smooth, woodsy and earthy tone. The mild yet full-bodied robustness of this cigar has millions of cigar smokers everywhere talking about how tantalizing the effects of this amazing cigar is to the taste buds. It is perfect for new cigar smokers and quite a treat for the older, more experienced smoker. The billowing smoke swirls around you and carries you into a new dimension, and this makes for a tremendous smoking journey.

Once the even burn is vested, a soft hint of spiciness with the mellow base taste of nuttiness bursts forth, flavored by the complexity of chocolaty touches of woodsy flavors. The flavors are totally awesome yet completely unique, and this is what brings smokers back to Upmann when they venture off to try another brand. No other cigar brand can stand against H Upmann. Its charming profile centers on the exquisite flavors that make up this complex stick.

After the cigar has burned down to the last third, the flavors still deliver a smooth blast, where most cigars are brash and harsh for the taste buds. H Upmann Black Gold is just as amazing upon first light as it is through the entire smoke. You will not even use a cigar ashtray when indulging in this amazing stick. This is not usual for most cigars, which is what makes the H Upmann Black Gold a truly extraordinary choice.

Each individual cigar sports an oily and natural appearance, and is beautiful in appearance. The feel of the Black Gold is mostly firm all over, with a few soft places, but the overall appearance of this stick is one of definite high quality. This particular cigar from Upmann is hand rolled in the best quality Indonesian shade-grown wrapper and is also filled with a premium blend long filler tobacco. The silky “feel” of this cigar is the first thing you will notice, along with the superior craftsmanship and ultimate quality. The cigars make the ideal gift for your friends or business associates, especially when you add a nice looking cigar torch or a humidor. This is a premium gift for any cigar aficionado. Cigar accessories are just as popular as the cigars themselves. H Upmann cigars are the favorite among all venues of cigar lovers everywhere.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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