There are many options out there when looking for the best cigars on the market. Some aficionados prefer to smoke a mild to medium bodied stick. Others may prefer a stronger, bold flavored stick. The spicy, peppery notes are a favorite to some, while others prefer a more woody or citrus type of smoke. The magazine Cigar Aficionado has listed the 2011 Best Cigars of the year, which highlights their top 25 sticks. It is no surprise that some of the names found on that list include Rocky Patel, Don Pepin Garcia, Punch, and My Father Cigars S.A. Although the prices range from a mere $4.00 all the way up to a stout $20.00 per stick, their quality ranks at the top of the pack. Several sticks come from the same companies. Others hit the list for the first time.

Whether someone is a seasoned connoisseur or a novice smoker, choosing the best cigars really depends on the person smoking them. It all comes down to selecting one that suits their personal tastes. Along with flavoring, is the time it takes to enjoy the stogie. Depending on the amount of time one has to enjoy the smoke, this will determine the size they will want to buy. For example, if there is not a lot of time to relax with the stick, then a shorter, smaller diameter 5" stick will be the better choice. If one has a couple of hours, like a poker game or a golf game, then a longer, thicker diameter 7" stick would be the perfect pair.

Everyone's preference will be different, especially when it comes to the flavor palate. There are a couple of things that will constitute having the title as being the best cigars from those that are just average. The overall appearance, construction, and the balance of the various flavors are all part of rating a stogie. There are many sites on the internet that will give reviews of different brands for readers to decide if it will be one that they may want to try. Each one will have a rating. A rating is a system that was developed by Cigar Aficionado magazine to better guide their customers. They designed the chart with the intention of helping others find a quality stogie.

The ratings are as follows:

Below 70 Do not waste the money

70 - 79 Average to good commercial quality

80 - 89 Very good to excellent

90 - 94 Outstanding

95 - 100 Classic

The best cigars are not necessarily the most expensive ones on the market, not necessarily Cuban, and not always the boldest flavored ones. The only way that anybody can figure out what they truly enjoy is to try many different offerings. Once several have been tried, one will find the perfect stogie to keep in their humidor. This is the best way to find out which type of stick fits their personal palate. Then, finding something that is affordable enough to enjoy as frequently as one would like to. That will be what constitutes someone’s favorite stogie.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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