How to Cut a Premium Cigar

It is necessary that when you smoke a premium, hand-rolled cigar that you always cut the cigar correctly first.  When you cut a cigar, you also have to follow certain principles in order to get the best results.  If you do not follow these principles then you could quite possibly ruin a world-class cigar.  If you will learn and practice these guidelines, however, you will always be able to get the most out of every cigar you cut and smoke.   


We have to start with the basics to cover all bases here.  To begin with, always remember that the whole point of cutting a cigar is to remove the cap from the unsealed end.  This cap was placed on the cigar by the Master roller to keep the tobacco filler in place and to preserve its aroma and flavor.  We have to cut this cap off to create a large enough opening through which we draw smoke, but we also want to do this in a way that does not damage the shape of the cigar or mash the filler tobacco within it. 


For starters, never use a dull cutter.  Always, always use a sharp one to cut your cigar.  Like any other type of blade, a dull blade is going to do far more damage than a sharp blade will ever do.  Never waste your money on a second rate cutter and never procrastinate replacing a dull one. 


There are three types of cigar cutters that you can buy.  Most connoisseurs prefer the guillotine cutter, which may either be single-blade or double-blade in design. 

We recommend that if you too end up choosing this type of cutter, that you start out with a double blade so that you can deliver precise, equal pressure from both sides at once.  Of course, if you have been smoking cigars for many years, you can easily do the same work with a single-blade cutter. 


·         When cutting your cigar, do it with constant pressure in a quick manner. 


·         Make sure that you distribute equal amounts of pressure to all sides of the cigar.  This prevents the cigar from being crushed. 


·         When you cut the cigar, you must hold it at eye level.  This allows you to see where the cap meets the body, which in turn enables you to cut in a straight line.


·         You must start by placing your cigar cutter between you and your cigar.  Then, point the cigar’s open end away from you.


·         Find the point on the cigar where the end begins curving toward the closed end that faces toward you.  This curved part of the cigar is called the shoulder.  Typically, on most cigars, it lies between a half inch and one sixteenth of an inch away from the cap.


·         Now, place your cigar under the blade where you want to cut it.


·         Before you cut the cigar, make sure you bring the blade down to wrapper and rest it there gently to line it up in the correct position. 


·         Once you have done so, cut the cigar with a swift, surgical move.  Use even pressure and do not jerk the cigar when you cut.  The faster and more precise you are, the less likely you will be to tear the wrapper or crush the tobacco.


·         Throw away the cap, then light your cigar with either a wooden match or a butane cigar lighter.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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