Where To Buy An Electronic Cigarette OnlineA smoker looking to buy an electronic cigarette online may be overwhelmed initially by the number of options available. This industry is still young and there are many manufacturers and just as many products on the market. Unfortunately, many of these products are marked up and don’t provide the level of performance a smoker needs from their device. For this reason, a smoker shouldn’t settle for just any device, even if it is marketed and packaged well. Some of the best models available are relatively unknown and don’t have the marketing budget that larger companies do.

There are a few things to keep it mind before picking a device. The first is what kind of a design a smoker is looking for. Even though there is a huge variety of visual designs available, these devices are all built in one of two ways. They may consist of a two-piece form factor or a three-piece form factor. Two-piece models are built with a battery unit and a disposable cartridge that also contains the device’s atomizer. A three-piece design uses a battery unit, a cartridge and a reusable atomizer that is not packaged with the cartridge. In most cases, three-piece models come with superior atomizers and less expensive cartridge refills. If performance is the top priority when looking to buy an electronic cigarette online, then a three-piece model is the way to go. An atomizer is responsible for heating and vaporizing the smoking solution, so top performance is a must. Without it, vapor delivery will be inconsistent and generally weaker.

Make sure that there are enough flavors and nicotine options available, also, before selecting a model. Most devices require proprietary cartridges or solutions, so a device can be limited by the flavors the manufacturer produces itself. Some manufacturers produce dozens of flavors, usually including a handful of tobacco and menthol options. Some manufacturers only produce a few basic flavors, which can be a problem for a smoker that likes to experiment. Tobacco, menthol and fruit flavors are the most common. Though sweeter options like chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon are also common choices.

Nicotine options are also an important consideration, because no two smokers are the same. When looking to buy an electronic cigarette online, make sure it provides a number of nicotine concentrations. Smokers that like a lot of nicotine should opt for cartridges that come with 18 milligrams or more of nicotine. Smokers that want a lighter experience should choose cartridges that come with 8 or fewer milligrams of nicotine. A few manufacturers even produce cartridges that come with zero nicotine, which is perfect for smokers who just want the taste and feel of a cigarette.

Finally, frequent smokers should look for a device that comes with a long battery life and efficient performance. Most models produce at least 200 puffs per battery charge, but some can produce twice as much or more. Also, smokers on the go should select a device that is compatible with a mobile or car charger.

These products range in price, but anything that is very inexpensive will be unable to provide consistent performance. Sticking to products in the middle price range is usually the best way to find a quality product.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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