Aging Room M356The pre-light draw from the Aging Room M356 Cigars evinces notes of vanilla, pepper and caramel according to those that have tried them. Once lit, the first few draws are said to be laced with a fierce pepper that mellows later into flavors of wood and creamy butter. Some reviewers claimed to have caught faint floral notes crossing their palate. At the halfway point the buttery taste takes precedence and is complimented with hints of caramel. The pepper is a consistent flavor and its spice demands attention without being overwhelming. Along with consistent spice a subtle sweetness permeates the flavor profile of this stogie. The finish has appearances of leather, a faint appearance of bitter cocoa and the familiar caramel.

Reviewers frequently referred to it as unique, and enjoyed what the Aging Room M356 Cigars had to offer. These stogies were considered an example of a favorable medium bodied smoke without the heavy, dark flavors that have recently become so popular.

The Aging Room M356 Cigars get their name from their origin story. The tobaccos used in this smoke were initially meant for the Swag cigar, but the crop grown was not sufficient for the size of a general release line. When the decision was reached that it could not supply the line, the leaves were set aside. After some time in limbo the tobacco, considered too high quality to discard, was repurposed on Monday, December 22 of 2008, the 356th day of the year, hence the M356 part of the name.

The factory that they are produced in is located in the Dominican Republic. This small batch cigar is made by Oliveros, and is composed of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. This stogie is classified as a puro, which signifies that the wrapper, binder and filler are all from the same country of origin. The creation of a satisfying puro is an impressive feat since most blends rely on tobaccos from various countries to formulate complex and flavorful blends.

Consistent firmness down the length of the Aging Room M356 Cigars shows that the construction is high quality. This is also apparent in its overall appearance and the integrity of its caps. The draw is without resistance, meaning that this is a stogie that produces a lot of smoke.

Aging Room M356 Cigars are available in a few vitolas with names, and some sizes, unique to the brand. Their longest cigars, for fans of a smoke with a cooler temperature and longer duration are the Major (6 ½ x 50), the Mezzo (6 x 54) and the Motivo (6 x 46). The Forte is a unique 5 ⅞ inches with a 40/56 gauge size. People who enjoy a more petite stick have the option of choosing the Rondo (5 x 50) or the Presto (4 ½ x 48). The smaller gauges, like the Presto and Motivo, feature the flavor of the wrapper as a more prominent part of the smoking experience, due to the reduced amount of filler. All sorts of preferences can be appeased with the vitolas that are offered. For someone wanting to test just one, they are sold in singles, but for those that have already tried them and become a fan, they can be purchased in sets of 5 and 20. These sticks are an example of a smoke that offers great quality while still being affordable.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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